Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Legacy you can count on

In this day and age a great number of the internet company's come and go as fast as you can click your mouse.

 There are a few that have been around for years and that you can build your online Legacy with!

 The guys from the Legacy team are in the number that have been around for a few years and are building there business the right way.

 Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli, and Rodney Hage, are among the few that  are doing it right.

  They are building a great Legacy for themselves and a great  business for you to get involved in to make you some money as well.

   Take a very close look at the business they own below and see where you fit in.

   I make money with there businesses and they pay on time which is a very big deal to me.
                                                      Traffic Exchanges

    Legacy Hits        Ninja Surf     Social Ad Surf   Surf Skeleton   Traffic Pharaoh

                                                      Traffic  CO-OPs
                                    Legacy team co-op         Rapid fire ads


                                                           Legacy Clix


                                                           Legacy Mailz

                                                     Personal Branding Tool

                                                          Brand me tool

                                                     They also own 50% of

                                                    Cash surfing network

 As you can see they own  most all ways to advertise your business, product, or service you may have.
 They are a great team to work with, and can help you grow your business today.

  All the best

 Eric Burgoyne

 A very happy user of the Legacy team of products.




Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I've got something you're just gonna LOVE!

It's traffic and commissions gone viral with
the new viral exchange Viral Commissions!

They've gone to extreme lengths to make this site as viral as possible, which means more leads, subscribers, and sales for you!

They also have highly effective Solo ads which go out to all active members solo ads, making it even easier
for you to put more subscribers on your list!

Quick commissions to your Paypal and viral traffic for your sites, what more could you ask for?

Come get your Viral Commissions now!

All the best

Eric Burgoyne

P.S. Don't miss out on the INCREDIBLE OTO! It's the best dollars I ever spent! You'll see what I mean... ;)

Monday, January 25, 2016

INSTANTLY Drive Traffic to Your Site for Free

Traffic is the rocket fuel that powers your
Internet business
No traffic, no business and no profits
So how do you get traffic when you are first
starting out?
You need your own product before you can use joint
venture partners and affiliates
Search Engines? You gotta shell out for expensive
software and learn a bunch  of constantly changing
hocus pocus SEO techniques or you will get stomped
Good luck with that
With Adwords and the other pay per click schemes,
you will be  p-a-y-i-n-g
Through the nose
Forever and ever and a day
But, what if you could get INSTANT targeted traffic
to your site in the next 17 minutes?
No, we ain't talking Facebook Ads or Adwords
You NEVER ever have to pay for this traffic.
There is a wide world of buyers and business
seekers looking for products and business
They are looking for YOU
And you don't need learn any fancy pants blogging,
article,  Facebook or video marketing techniques
for them to beat a path to your website.
Sit back and think about this... you can actually
earn enough money to quit your day job -  if you
have enough traffic
Here is the BEST part
You can start NOW, without any investment
And you can do this whether you have your own
products, or you're an affiliate
It doesn't matter one single bit
What does matter is that YOU get the traffic you
need to make your living online NOW, starting
this very minute
Starting TODAY

All the best,
Eric Burgoyne

P.S. Why PAY for traffic when you can get the same
traffic for...
and don't forget...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas to one and all

 Hi everyone
  Well it is Christmas time of year again, how time flies when you are enjoying what you do.

    As per normal I am late getting the tree up, another thing on the have to due list today.

   Finished Christmas shopping yesterday, that is why I am a day late writing this post.

   From our household to yours a Very Merry Christmas !!!!!!!

  Please be safe when traveling this Christmas season. 

  One last note DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  Get home safe.

 All the best

 Eric Burgoyne

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sound surf live review

Hi all

Sound surf live is a new kind of traffic exchange that opened a few months ago.

 It has a live DJ is on air regularly to play any requests!

 It also features audio ads that you can get and folks listen to the music and hear your ads while they surf.

As well you get your splashes, banners and text ads seen at Sound Surf Live and engage your customers.

Dj Brian Cullen does a great job of keeping the surfer engaged.

With its cool custom design and all of the above audio benefits, you'll have a fully engaged
audience viewing & listening to your ads - that means responsive traffic and excellent results.

For free members they have 1 channel of music.

For upgraded members they have 4 more music channels to listen to.

They also have games while surfing including CTP badges and well as Zubee's and a few other surprizes

The bottom line is I have had good leads from this site and a number of direct sales.

 They have good ad package deals, audio ads are at a good rate.

  The 3 owners have been around for quite some time and know what they are doing.

Drawback:  Would be better if the DJ were live more.

 Sitting here that is the only drawback that I can think of.

  Check out Sound surf live for yourself.

 Have a great one all

 Eric Burgoyne


Monday, October 05, 2015

Legacy's Legendary Mailer Launch is Now

   A Legendary Mailer that paves the road for your business's Legacy just Launched.

This is How We Do It for YOU:

The Legacy Team Track Record is Incredible

Multiple Big Name Connections are Backing It

Our Customer Support is Always There

Our Persistent Promotion has Proven to be a Winner

We put the big list together so you can mail when your ready.

Get Started Today

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Make money and build your list at the same time

How many times have you heard build your list, build your list??

How many times have you heard do not use the company splash pages because you are building there list??

How many times have you heard you need and auto responder ?

How many times have you heard you need an ad tracker ?

How many times have you heard you need your own splash page?

How many times have you been told you need splash page hosting?

How many times have you heard you need your own blog ?

 How about 1 company that can help me do all the above in one place !! has an auto-responder, an ad tracker,  rotator, splash page editor, splash page hosting, a blog for you.

 How about the same company adding all of the following as well

Free Advertising for You!
And you’ll make money offering advertising to the tens of millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of online marketers.

Interactive Social Community Specifically Designed for Online Marketers!
People who want to know what someone had for dinner can go to Facebook. People who want to make money online will come to our community.

Explosive List Building Made Easy!
This is amazingly powerful as others will build your list for you.

Dozens of Fully Automated Income Streams!
There will be money streaming from every direction and it will add up quickly.

Put the Power of the Masses to Work For You!
The people making all the money put others to work for them and now you will too.

All Inclusive No Hype Service Anyone Can Do!
We include everything and we don’t feed you hype, lies and misleading income statements where we have to make a disclaimer that voids any claims anyway. We give the truth and you will be amazed at the simplicity and sheer power

How about a FREE 7 day account to check things out !!

  Have a look at one of the company's splash pages that build my list   HERE

How about 1 LOW price for all of that !!!!!!!

     Come and kick some tires and see what you think !!!!

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