Sunday, February 06, 2005

trading Links the right way

When you get an e-mail from a webmaster wanting to trade links, and you loot at there site and add the link to your link list always e-mail the person back and tell them you are adding there link.
A great number of those webmaster including myself raise sites to link partner if they know you have traded links. Zeus audit fuction for example just checks that there is a link and does not make upgrade your listing to link partner which in the case of Zeus brings your link to near the top of the page.
You will find that you will get more visitors from many of theses sites you trade links with if you let them know you have added there link.
Many times if you do not let the person know that you have linked back to them and where you have done so, they will remove your link after awhile thinking you are not interested in trading links.
To see an example of what I mean have a look at my Dating personals link page you will notice that my link partners are near the top while the others are much farther down the page.
Well thats about it for tonight going to watch the rest of the Super bowl and then off to 7-11 for a Pepsi. Then back to working with Zeus to do some more linking. Happy linking all.

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