Saturday, June 11, 2005

Links Links and more links

If you have a website and do not have a link exchange on your site you are missing the boat. I stated my link directory 8 months ago now, and has it ever made a difference to my overall traffic and sales.
My traffic has more than doubled since I started this project, with sales up 45 percent. My site traffic sits at Webrings at 45 % link exchange at 35% and search engines at 20% so as you can see my link exchange has gone from 0% 8 months ago to be in second place now and growing.

I have my site Romantic at Heart Personals broken down to 6 main areas 1 being personals which is linked off of my homepage my shopping mall, my Business idea and articles, romance articles ,Best and worst pickup lines and last but not least my link directory. As well I have smaller areas that run off of my homepage.

I have also just added our own personals site to the mix which seems to be growing everyday.

So if you need a good link direct program please try the free version of Zeus to start to see if you like it as much as I do. There good benefits from the paid version that do not work on the free version like the audit theme does not work on the free version and some of the editing options do not work on the free version.
If you do try the free version you will want to upgrade to the paid version after a month or so as it is a great program and you will want all the benefits from the paid version of Zeus

Well I had better get back to work I have a lot of emails from folks thats want to trade links so I had better get back to it. So if you have not started a link exchange on your site there is no better time than the present so get at it .! You will be amazed how work it works.
Happy Linking all