Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Solo ads results

Or lack of results may be more like it !
Hi all
Here are some more solo ad results for you.

UltimateResourceBarn paid run ? $10.50 sent 10,000plus 1 free classified ad thrown in on sale RESULT this place is closed got my money back via pay pal His page still open to take your money.

Ads Market Ezine sign ups 2 $5.50 sent to 960

scoop free solo ad $30.00 sent 30,000 hits total 9 free sign ups 2

to see the solo ad page go Free membership and see for yourself

If you find a really good solo ad company post it here we will be happy to send them some business.
More results to came . I just hope that they are better than these.

Have a great day

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