Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New programs update and new links

Hi all Well its the end off August summer is almost over. (sigh) I had to close comments because I was getting spammed with garbage ads sad to say.
Well another great month for me best August ever for sales and visitors, thanks to my webrings you can find a list of them here and my linking program Zeus .
One of the programs we have been doing really well with for quite sometime now is our alternative dating program. We have been getting good checks every month ontime. You can join here .
Another great prgram for us in the romance department is Passion you can join here this page takes a few minutes to load, although ther regular site loads really fast.
The last program I will tell you about today I thought was a joke when I first was told about it but I have learned first hand that it is no joke and is a great money maker. One to one chat
They have developed what I think is great program, a lucrative opportunity. They have a few ways for you to earn money:
15 cents per FREE trial user (lead)!
15% commission on all sales to start and up to 18% based on volume
10% commission on all recurring sales for the lifetime of the customer
It is a program worth checking out.
I hope you all of you have been working on your link directorys to help you all get more visitors to your site and get better search engine listings.
I hope you all had a great August and lets get ready for the busy time of the year now.
I hope all of you will check out my webrings as they are a great way to get more visitors to your sites.
Well time to get a Pepsi for me have a great night all and happy linking.

Sept 2 update I had to close off coments because of spammers. Sorry to all those who had real comments to make

Thursday, August 04, 2005

July update and lots of news

Holiday time is here and I have taken a few weeks off of blogging and work. So here is a update for July which for the last few years has been the slowest month of the year for all of my sites, turned out tobe a good month.! Zeus my link directory program has been working like a well oiled machine.
My website Romantic at Heart Personals now has a google PR rating of 5 and lots of sub pages are a rank of 5 as well. Visitor traffic is up to all sites and sales are up as well. Our free chat pages are up as well with lots more chatters on the site.
I have added more business articles to by Business section some great ideas and views on running online business and what you need to know if you are thinking of starting a online business.
I have also added some more romance articles to Romantic at Heart Personals

Just to show you how well Zeus my link diectory bot is doing just have a look at theses numbers
Results 1 - 20 of about 70,500 for link: -
Page 1 of 4,733 results containing
Results 1 - 30 of about 110 linking to
These numbers have been going up month by month
If you have not tried Zeus for your linking as of yet give it a try for FREE, you will then want to buy it for sure it saves hundreds and hundreds of hours of hard work.
I have also added some more webrings to the number we already manage check them all out here
Well thats it for today have a great day and happy linking.