Sunday, March 10, 2013

Everything is right here

Most people who decide to join our business say that Phase 4 Global has all the essential

ingredients for a successful home business.

* Dynamic company founded by a top leader in the marketing arena.

* Poised for explosive worldwide growth.

* Target market is the multiple Billion a year home base business market.

* Products are unique, effective, and proven. There is virtually no competition.

* Lucrative compensation plan is designed to put income in your pocket right away

* Proven automated system for you to follow.

From Day One you will have all the tools you need to market your business online and

off-line. Our team tools allow you to focus on sharing your business with the thousands

of people who are looking daily for a successful business.

You can read and hear all the details by following the first link below:

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Surviving is fine, but thriving is better

Finally . . . A way to make enough money to not only pay your bills, but to

dramatically change your life and make your dreams come true!

Members of Phase 4 Global are making thousands and thousands of dollars each and every

week. No boss, work your own hours, no one to answer to . . . What More Could You Ask


How about a home-based business with people who will give YOU:

1. Step-by-Step Instructions to setting up your very own Business, complete with screen

shots so you can easily follow along.

2. Weekly Question/Answer Session with Top Earners from Around the Country, along with

the ability to speak with Owner and the Staff.

3. An Optional FULLY Automated Marketing System that takes less than 5 minutes to set

up! We will advertise your business for you and you collect the commissions.

Henry, there is no hype! We are just ordinary, honest people with great integrity wanting

to help you make an informative decision about your future.

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney~

The business is solid, the owners are dedicated to helping everyone succeed, and the

products are awesome!

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Let me show you how P4G is different

I was talking with a new member on the phone the other day and they asked me, “How is

Phase 4 Global different from all the other home based businesses out there?”

I sat there and thought to myself, “Where do I start?” My mind starting racing and I

proceeded to tell them all the high points!

The Compensation Plan – We are talking fast homerun money! You can actually earn

commissions 8 different ways, yet you leverage a small ONE-TIME Product Purchase of $ 110

into thousands and thousands of dollars each and every week! Pretty cool! Making a

one-time purchase equals a lifetime of income!

The Product Packages – Each Phase has its own card, and as you move up the phases you

will receive a Hotel and Resort Savings Card, Condo Card, Cruise Card, and Executive

Travel Card, Financial Planning Tools, Fully Automated Marketing System, Travel Portal,

and you can even purchase the Hotel and Condo cards at wholesale and sell them at retail!

You can hit the ground running with the Fully Automated Marketing System. It takes you

less than 5 minutes to set up! We will even do the advertising for you! We do all the

work – you just go to your mailbox on Monday and get your check!

There are leadership bonuses that really add up - $ 1,600 for every person you introduce

to Phase 4 Global. Think about it, say you bring 10 people into Phase 4 Global either by

referring them or by using the automated marketing system and let’s conservatively say

they go through each phase only 1 time in a year – that is $ 16,000 additional

commissions to you!

You are never left alone to figure things out for yourself. The support that you receive

from the Owner, the Staff, and even all the members is second to none. Finally, you

don’t have to leave an email and hope you get an answer - you can just pick up the phone

and talk with them.

After about 30 minutes, they said, “Eric take a breath, I get the point!” I laughed

and told them I could go on and on about this awesome opportunity and how it has changed

my life and thousands of others across the globe.

Don’t let this pass you by – This is a dream come true! Whether you have made tons of

money working a home-based business or whether you have not been successful yet, Phase 4

Global can truly change your life. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Can you do it? Absolutely!!!

Every now and then we all hear about an Opportunity that we stop and think, Wow – I

wonder if I could do that? I wonder if it really works? You think about it and in a

split second you decide which way to go. Do you find out more information or do you

prejudge and forget about it? Which road will you take?

If you think you can’t afford it, YOU ARE WRONG!

If you think you don’t have the time, YOU ARE WRONG!

If you think you aren’t qualified, YOU ARE WRONG!

We have something for EVERYONE! And I mean EVERYONE Henry. Phase 4 Global is a 3 year old

company with a proven track record of success. There is no experience required! There

are no special skills needed.

You will receive an EASY step-by-step guide that will show you exactly what to do so that

you can duplicate our success in less than 5 minutes.

That’s right – not only do you have the opportunity to join a great business, you will

be shown how thousands of ordinary people are earning a very lucrative 1st and 2nd income

using our Fully Automated Marketing System. You will also have a ‘LIVE’ staff to ask

any questions to, yep, no more leaving messages and hoping someone eventually gets back

with – You can actually speak with the staff, the team leaders, or the Owner! How’s

that for support? You are never left alone!

Let us walk you through how SIMPLE you can do this.

Click on the link below and start your journey to success:

Take a vacation from your job

Would you like to enjoy a vacation from your job, your daily compute, and the stress of

paying your bills every month, PERMANENTLY!

Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, working for someone else, what if you possessed

the tools and know how to generate more income than you ever imagined right from the

comfort of your own home? What if you could spend more quality time with your family and

friends and embark on the best vacation of your life?

Imagine, using all of your free time to do what you want to do, driving your dream car,

owning a breath-taking home, and traveling the world in style!

Phase 4 Global has COMBINED the 3 fastest growing trends today to form an incredible

lucrative direct selling business operating worldwide!

1. The Travel and Tourism Industry – Research shows $14 million a MINUTE is spent on


2. The Internet - 82% of all travel is booked using the Internet

3. The 427 billion dollar Home-Based Business phenomenon

Henry, let us show you how a small one-time product purchase that will save you money can

turn into over 8 different ways to earn commissions. Phase 4 Global is the vehicle to

take you where you want to go with unlimited income potential!

Using our proven plan for success, you can actually change your life without changing

anything you are doing. It takes less than 5 minutes to start building your business

hands free!

Seize Control of your Destiny

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