Saturday, October 08, 2011

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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Avoid The Revolving Door Syndrome

How many programs are you involved with? How many have you been involved with? How many more do you think you’ll need to make it online?

I don’t know what the first two answers are, but I can tell you what the last answer is and that would be ONE!

Have you ever taken a child to a candy or toy store where there were hundreds of things to choose from? They want everything and even after they choose something, they walk a little further and see something they like better than what they already chose and then they want the new item.

The same thing happens with people working online because they get all pumped up about one product and they start promoting it but things don’t take off like they thought so they start looking around for something else, something easier, or something that will let them retire in a month.

The problem is the grass is never greener on the other side of the hill when you’re working online and jumping from program to program or product to product will only lead to disaster and failure.

You need 12SC first of all and not because of the affiliate program, you need it because it gives you all the tools and resources that are necessary to succeed with any legal product, program or service.

Then you need to settle on one program, product or service that you want to sell and it does not matter what it is as long as it is something you believe in and have a passion for.

Build or have a capture page built for you and tie it into your Autoresponder and advertise that capture page every place you can.

Use the 12SC 30 day free trial as an incentive to get people to subscribe to your list. As they subscribe, you let the AR messages introduce them to your program, product or service.

At some point, some of them will buy from you and want to duplicate what you are doing. This is where your 12SC account more than pays for itself because they can easily duplicate what you are doing by getting their own 12SC account under you.

You are now officially building ONE business and it will grow the second business (12SC) for you by default.

But you have to stick with your business and you have to promote it and you have to stick with your business and you have to promote it and did I say you have to stick with your business and you have to promote it!

Will there be tough times? Hey this is life and life is not always easy, so yes there will be tough times, but that is the price of having your own business. If it were easy like all the scammers are telling you, then you would be retired by now and living on an island.

Stick with one thing, get it profitable, use your 12SC tools and resources to build that one business and then after you’re making good money with that one business, you can branch out to something else, but you have to give your one business time to grow.

Traditional offline businesses will typically lose money for three years and this is mainly because of the startup costs of an offline business. To get involved with an offline business will cost you from $65,000 up to millions of dollars depending on the business.

The beauty about an online business is your startup costs will range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars—huge difference so you will not lose money for 3 years, but you are not going to make money for several months at a minimum with your online business.

And yes I know people are telling you that you can make thousands a week or a month and making all kinds of guarantees, but let me ask you another question, are you making thousands a week right now?

The answer is most likely no and I can almost guarantee if you have been trying to work online for longer than a few months that the original questions I asked when we started this article are 3+ for the number of programs you are working and have worked.

Let me ask one more question, do you want to succeed online? Dumb question maybe as you are here, but one you need to answer. If you want to succeed online, then follow our advice and stick with one program, product or service and start building your prospect list right now today and never stop.

Program jumping does not work, sticking with one thing does. It is tried and true and one of the main reasons I am able to work from my home is because I have stuck with one thing over all these years and I have never stopped building my prospect list.

You can do it and you can try other ways, but I assure you, the method above will work 100% of the time.