Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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The System is Your Solution to Money and Advertising.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do you have an Autoresponder working for you?

Today I want to talk you about using an Autoresponder.

The vast majority of people will not buy anything the first time they see it—well the vast majority of people online anyway because we all know we do impulse shopping at offline stores all the time.
But since we do not do impulse buying online, we as business owners need the services of an Autoresponder so we can remind our prospects about our business.

We know you are bombarded by offers every day on the Internet and everyone wants you to buy from them. How many of those offers come from you? By this I mean, how many messages are you sending to prospects each day to get them to buy your program, product or service?

If you had started building your prospect list one or two years ago, the answer to the above question would be anywhere from hundreds to thousands. How much better would your business be doing today if you had hundreds or thousands of prospects looking at your business every single day? The answer to this question is obviously better than it is now—even if you are doing fine with your online business, when you have an Autoresponder, you will do 10 times better.

People tell you all the time that the money is in the list and that is 100% true. The problem is too many people will not take the time to setup their own Autoresponder so they can build their list or they set one up and then cancel it 3 months later.
You are not going to build your list in 3 months and yes I know people are telling you this can be done. Actually I have seen scam sites telling people they can show them how to build a 5,000 person prospect list in 3 days. Of course, there are still people out there seeing Elvis every day too, so you will meet all kinds.

Remember Darryl Graham, the founder of the 12 Second Commute system lost over half a million dollars in less than 4 years because he would not use an Autoresponder. Now, not only does he use an AR every day, but he built one of the best on the Internet and he will personally show you how to set it up.

Go to 12SC by clicking on the URL below and get your free 30 day trial account setup now. There is no credit card required and everything you need to build and manage your business is included in 12SC. Yes, even an Autoresponder that is D-proof which means it had to be easy enough for Darryl to setup.

Click the link below and get your trial account today.
Get started today http://www.12path.com/making/