Sunday, January 29, 2006

The more you work the more you will make

Hi all
This time I am going to answer some of the many emails I have been getting from you folks.
First any of the programs I list in any of my blogs are not get rich overnight plans. I only list programs that I work and make money from.

As I always say the more work you put into these programs the more you can make.You are NOT going to get rich overnight. I know I know you keep getting emails that say you can make a fortune overnight well the truth is they are making a fortune selling you on how to get rich fast on the net.
If you really stop and think about it if they really had a way of making that kind of money on the net that fast why would they be wanting to tell you how for that little money.
The truth is they are scams they are making money telling you how to make money thats how they make there money.!!!!

Now that said.
Yes you can really make money online if you are willing to work at it. I make good money on the net every month but I work at I out in about 6 hours aday working online to make a living on the net.
I still have a partime job in a brick and motor store as a driver salesman, so that I can continue to make my online business grow into a fulltime job.

In my last post I listed the main programs that I make money with every month.

The one I am most excited about is my new Family Discount Store. The reason for this that not only do I have a complete online store fully stocked, but a complete built in affiliate program which is fully managed for you. You have no paper work to do it is all handled for you.
You can also sell complete stores including domain name for only $39.95 a year plus one time set up fee of $20.00. No monthly charges, no hidden charges

So with this package there are 4 ways of making money
1 sell products from your store
2 affiliates sell products from your store
3 you sell complete store and make $17.004 someone that you have sold a store to sells a store and you make $8.00

As you can see there are many ways to make money with this program and having only to promote 1 site and have 4 ways of making money on the site when visitors arrive I find is great.
No matter if your visitor is looking for you have the answer products you have have a way for webmasters to add income from there own site,to folks who want to start there own online business you have it all in one website.
Well I hope that answer all the questions I have been getting on why I like my Family discount store so much

As for the romance programs yes I have listed a number of them because I work them all and I make money from all of them. I have learned that most people will join at least 2 romance programs and some more. I want to give my visitors a choice so if they want to join more than one they can right from my site.
You will notice on my site as well Romantic at Heart Personals I have added content and lots of it best and worse pickuplines,free chat site reviews and lots more.
If you are setting up a website content is king no matter what the topic you are starting the site about.the more interesting content you have on your site the better you will do.
Well thats it for day
Hope that answers all the questions for now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time to get your online business off the ground

Its a New Year and time to get your internet business growing or to get one stated. In this article I will list the best business ideas that I have found over the last 12 years on the net.
All of the following businesses and affiliate programs I have made money with and still am. I will give you as much information as I can that will help you decide which one is the best for you.

#1 The online dating industry keeps on growing and growing, there tons of company's out the claiming to be the best and the biggest.I have checked out hundreds of online dating sites and these are the best I have found

FriendFinder has the most lucrative and straightforward affiliate programs anywhere. With over 25 million satisfied members worldwide in our network. They have 3 options as an affiliate/ they are
1b You will earn up to 100% of the registration fee (between $19.94 and $139.94) of your visitors who sign up as a paying member.
Bonus! We also add 10 cents per woman and 5 cents per man to your check for each free signup. This is in addition to your 100% payout. That way, many of our affiliates make OVER 110% of what we do!

1c Now you can cut through all the tricky math about conversion rates and percentages, and receive a flat $25 per order. Even if your visitors purchase our popular one-month, $19.95 membership, you still receive $25!

1d You will earn $2.00 for each woman and $1.00 for each man who signs up for free!

This a great program that I get my money from them ontime every month.
Commission on renewals as well
Adult FriendFinder is the World's Largest Sex personals site and gives the highest paying affiliate program on the Web. We offer webmasters the choice of programs, designed to pay out the highest amounts for any type of traffic.
You can make from 35% to 75% depending on your sales
Commission on renewals as well

1E This is the program that I have made the most money with.
World's Largest BDSM & Alternative Lifestyle Personals Alt You can specify what language your traffic sees. To direct them to a specific language Control where your users land on our site!

Cover Page
Registration Page
Custom Search Results Page (down to details such as Females, between the ages of 18 & 30, in Arizona, United States seeking Males)
Language-specific pages depending on the originating IP address for our Chinese(simplified and traditional), Korean, Filipino, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish sites HTML and search-enabled banners lets users select a search criteria and land on that search results page.
Choose banners which appeal to your users (selections vary from mainstream to more targeted demographics)
You can earn from 35% to 75%
Commission on renewals as well

1F a leader in adult dating with more than four million members up to date. This site has a killer conversion and retention. We offer weekly payment, industry-leading promotion tools, live stats, an experienced marketing team and much more. Become an affiliate right now and start making cash within minutes.
Accurate and on time WEEKLY payment
• Real-time detailed stats
• Instant links & professional advice
• Thousands of cutting edge promotional tools
• Commission on renewals and per signup
• 2-tier program
• Cascading billing
• Track returning visitors

2. Having your own e-store is a great way of making money online.

provides you with an opportunity to operate your very own Internet Shopping Mall pre-stocked with brand names such as Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC, Olympus, Xbox, As Seen on TV and more at wholesale/distributor pricing.
You mark up your own price

Fully Stocked Shopping Mall with a FREE domain name
Over 3,500 Great Items, select all or choose your theme
Free drop-shipping account!
Ebay Helper: create eBay listing with a click of a button
Daily Product Updates
Price Mark Up Tool
Real Time Store Traffic/Earnings Statistics
Free Banners!
AdSense Space
Your Own Affiliate Program
Community Resources Area
Banner/Button Space (to sell or to trade)
Store Management Account
Tools to build pages and more
Tools to upload images and logos

Special Promotion - ends on 01/31/2006!!!
Get your own complete online store package for just $39.95 a year plus one time set
up fee of $20.00. No monthly charges, no hidden charges.

regular price is $79.99 plus 20.00

provides you with an ability to own and operate your own 24/7 Internet business without investing in any inventory, costly web site design and development, customer support, order fulfillment and other aspects necessary to start online business.

Thats a few of the programs that work with everyday and have had success with
I hope you will have a look at them and see if any or all are right for you.

There is money to be made on the internet but unlike the get rich fast plans which are a waste of time and money these programs will make you money if you are willing to put some work into them. The harder you work at them the more you can make.
Next time I will list somprogramsprgrams that I earn money from and some of the tools that I use to help me make money from them.

Well thats it for today Hope you all had a great New Years