Monday, May 29, 2006

Paid advertising does it work ? Update

As I told you in May 14th blog I have beev trying paid advertising.
Update listing Activated:2006-05-07 and as of today 2006-05-29 we have total clicks 16 with 2 sales. This is our exactseek paid listing our ad goes like this

Romantic at Heart Personals
18 sets of personals,online romance artilcles,free e post card,Free chat,shopping mall

This one costs $12.00 per three months.
We have not been getting a lot of hits from this so far, but we have had some sales from the hits we have had.
I would like to thank all the regular readers of this blog which seems to be growing all the time.We hope this trend continues. :)
I have sold another 5 Online mall Stores
I have found this business to be great as I can not only sell more e stores,
I also sell some of my Items from my store on ebay, have sales from the store direct,
as well as a built in affiliate program which also has been growing
Its on sale right now
Note Get your own complete online store package for just $49.95 a year plus one time set up fee of $20.00. No monthly charges, no hidden charges. GUARANTEED

You can check out my e store at here
Well thats it for today
If you are doing paid advertising of any sort leave us a comment on how it is going for you.
have a Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 22, 2006

Are you serious about making money online ??

Hi all
Think that is a strange question,well its not. I have seen so many folks tell me they want to make money online but when it comes down to it they are not.
I have a friend who says they are going to make money with this program or that program they jump from one program to another non stop, They do not take time and work that program they think they are going to make a million overnight.
They have spent thousands upon thousands signing up for tons of programs but never take the time to learn and promote there programs.
They joined two of my programs a few years back started 2 websites that day and have never done a thing since that day, and wonder why they are not making money (note these two is free to join ) one was adult friendfinder the other one was Alt a BDSM dating site
They have never made any money with either one of these because they have never worked them
I on the other hand I get a check from them every month for the last numbers of years. I work both of these programs so I make money with them.
So if you are really interested in making money with any program online remember it is going to take some work and you are not going to be rich overnight !!!
Three months ago I signed the same folks up for a new program I am working (they asked me for the url ) because they new I was making money with the program.So I did and she signed up that day spent most of that day setting up her store and listed a couple of the items from her store on E bay.
That was the last time she touched her store or updated her feature items or her daily deal or anything else.
Which is sad because I have been doing great with this store as you have a built in affiliate program, as well as you can sell stores as well as sell products on your website as well as ebay or other auction sites.
I have been promoting all 3 and making money with all of them. I am already gearing up for the upcoming Christmas holiday shopping season.
Now till the end of month you can get an estore for yourself fully stocked store,built in affiliate program, and as well you can sell stores in a 2 tier affiliate program for store sales,and a domain name and website hosting, all of this and more for $49.95 and a 1 time setup fee of $20.00.
You can check out all the details of this program here
here are a few of the features of this program
Easy to operate!
100% Automated!
Available world-wide!
FREE domain name!
Fully stocked, customizable store!
Work as much or as little as you want! (the more you work the more you make)
Profit from your store without ever buying products or fulfilling orders
Built in affiliate programs

You can check out my Family Discount Store HERE
If you really want to make money online remember you have to work these programs or any programs you choose to join and make money with.
I have a number of business articles online at my Business articles and Business ideas site they are online so you have nothing to download nothing to sign up for to read them they are free to read.
Take a close look at any program you are thinking of joining and then decide if its a program you would like to work before you join, and then stick with that program and you have a good shot at making money with it.
One last tip DO NOT join to many programs at once or you will be get lost on what to do first. Pick a couple then join them and work them till they are running well and then and only then think about join another one or 2.
I hope this helps you on your way to making money online, one last thing and I know I have said this before you are NOT going to make a ton of money over nite, it WILL take some work and time.
have a great day all

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trying another pay per click

Well I am taking the plunge and trying Google ad words pay per click.
This is the second pay per click campaign that I have going. The site I am promoting is Romantic at Heart Personals we hope this works. Google being the biggest and we hope the best.
The 2 keywords we are using in this campaign are romantic personals and dating personals. We have set a monthly budget at 50.00 per month to start, if it works we will increase this amount, and we will add more keywords if it works out well.

If you read my lst post on the 7th I signed up for Excatseek payed search since then I have gotten 13 clicks with no sales so far. For $12.00 for 3 months I do not think it will take off or that I will make a ton from it but I do hope to make some.

Stay tuned as I will post the progress of both of these campaigns, if you have tried either or another paid advertising leave a comment and let us all know how it is going for you.
If you have not checked out my link directory yet please do so. here

My Romantic at Heart Personals Link Directory keeps growing and is still the best way I have found to drive traffic to my site.
Well I hope you all are having a great weekend

Till later
happy linking

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Paid advertising does it work ?

Hi all

Every day I get tons of emails pay for this or that advertising and you will make a ton of money.As we all know 99% is hype and trash and a great way for the emailer to make money not you.
So what paid advertising does work that is not going to cost you a lot of money ?
Well I broke down at the end of last week and paid for my first paid advertising. I went with excatseek paid search. It costs $12.00 for 3 months at a time with auto renewal unless you cancel.
I went with the keyword personals, in the first 4 days I have had 7 clicks (not many to be sure so far) With no sales from the clicks so far. I will keep you updated as time goes on.
I am hoping that this will pick up but for $12.00 for 3 months it not a real killer if it does not do much.
I am thinking of trying paid per click as well with another outfit and I will let you know if I do and how it goes as well.
The ad I am using is `
Romantic at Heart Personals
18 sets of personals,online romance artilcles,free e post card,Free chat,shopping mall

I may change the content next week to see if that helps.

Have you tried paid advertising yet ? If you have leave a content on how it went and if you are still doing it !! Lets work together on this one and lets see what is going to work for all of us, so that we are not wasting our hard earned money.

Well that's it for today keep linking its still the best way to get traffic that I have found yet.
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Have a day

Monday, May 08, 2006

End of the month update and more

Hi all
Hope you all had a great April with lots of sales and great links.

Happy to say all is going well. My romance and dating link directory is growing by the day. If you have a romance and dating site and would to trade links check out my link directory here.
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Good luck and happy linking

As for Sales they are up from April of last year, which is always great news.

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Well thats it for today have a great day all and get your link directory going and happy linking. If you need a great program for linking check this one out I use it and it works great for me Zeus the internet robot