Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Count to 10 backwards

Did you count 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1? If yes, try again.

You can't count to 10 backwards!

You can count from 10 backwards.

This is a simple play on words and many companies use this type of deception when telling you how to make money or market your products online.

ISOR is not into deception
We are into giving you Free access to the tools and resources you must have to succeed.
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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Webmasters, earn money from your web site

Are you looking to make extra income from your website ?
Well that was a silly question come to think about it for a second.
Of course you are well I have been making extra money from this program for some time now. In a hurry you can get all the details HERE

As an associate your commission will be 30% of the sales you refer.
This is a 2 tier program
Associate managers commission is 7% of their associate's sales.

Click here to find out how your web site can begin earning money

You can become an associate manager and earn commission on associates that you find to refer sales to A pretty Woman. As an associate manager you will receive 35% of the commission that your associates earn. You can be an associate and an associate manger, at the same time, by displaying associate links and associate manager links.Becoming an associate manager is quick and simple. Just place a link, button or banner as shown below to A pretty Woman associate page. Thats it, its that simple. No more forms, no further registration. As soon as you begin sending visitors you will be able to see the number of visitors that you have sent to the "A pretty Woman - associate registration page". Then, as people begin to sign up for the program you will get email confirmations informing you of this. You should return here from time to see their performance (visitors sent, orders they receive, paid sales), and of course, to see how much money they are earning for you.
You may not become an associate manager for your own site, or register another site for the purpose of making it an associate of a site that you are an associate manager, or benefit from any associate sale and associate manager sale combined, or a portion thereof, in any way whatsoever. Other than the commission paid directly to you for associate sales you may not benefit directly or indirectly from the associate's commission paid to them for the same referred sale. As an associate manager you may not be rewarded by your own associates or reward them in any way for referred sales to A pretty Woman. In short, you can earn commission, by being either an associate manager, or an associate on any sale, but not boost your commission by being both associate manager and associate for the same sale. Therefore, you can be both, associate and associate manager, on seperate sales, as long as you do not receive commission as an associate manager and associate from the same sale.To start registering associates and building your own associate team you will need to place one of these banners, buttons or links on your web pages. The code is shown below each link. Select the code for the links you want, copy and paste them in to your web pages. Once you have placed the link in your web page, test it, by clicking on it and making sure that it goes to the "A pretty Woman - associate signup page" page. If you have done this correctly, this page will then be replaced by your associate manager account page. To make sure that you have done everything correctly (placed the code and clicked on the link), return to this page and it will be replaced by your new associate manager account page, and you will begin to see the number of visitors you have sent over, and information on your associates, as soon as they begin registering.

For Your Online Success,
Eric Burgoyne