Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am confused ! free tools for you

Hi all
I am confused ! Many of my readers here have joined the free membership site I have been telling you about. Now here is where I am confused most of the readers that have joined have not used any of the free tools such as the
* Ad-free List Managers
* Ad Tracking Service
* 100's of e-books and software with give away and resell rights
* Training and Support
* Advertising
Now if you really want to make money online you need , and use all these tools.
That's why I am confused I have been giving them away memberships that include all these for free.
I even have a list set up that gives you tips and help to get you started using these free tools.You can subscribe to that list Grow Your Profit
I know there is a lot of tools with this membership and I have heard from some folks that's there is just to much for them to understand it all.
If this is the case , just start off slow and work one at a time till you get used to 1 then go on to the next one.
The bottom line is if you really want to make money online you need all these tools to do it.
This is at the right price its FREE what more can I say you can pay hundreds of dollars per year for these tools and you can get them for FREE right now !!!
Again you can sign up for my tips and help using all these tools at Grow Your Profits
and you can sign up for the FREE Membership for life and get all the tools
Till next time

Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Does Advertising Work

How Does Advertising Work?
Written by Darryl Graham of ISORegister, Inc.
All rights reserved and no part of this document may be reproduced without prior permission by Darryl Graham of ISORegister, Inc
Read the short story below to find out:
Frank Was The Leader
Frank was the leader of the football team. Joe carried the water. Mike carried the equipment. Phil handled the schedule. The team played well because Frank was the leader. Everyone looked up to Frank, because he was the leader. The other members of the staff did their jobs and did them well, but because Frank was such a good leader, everyone else had an easier time with things. The team won the championship because Frank was the leader and made sure everything was in order. Thank you Frank.
After you read the above story and
without looking back, answer the questions below:
1) Who was the leader?
2) Who carried the equipment?
3) Who handled the schedule?
4) Who carried the water?
Most people, who read this, know that Frank was the leader, however less than 1% get more than one of the other answers correct--without looking back. This is not a measure of intelligence, it merely shows that people need to see and hear about something multiple times before they will remember it.

This is why it is so imperative that you constantly and consistently advertise your business and you never stop. There are hundreds of ways to advertise and promote your business and the only limitation is you.

Advertise and market your business and you will see results, do nothing and that is exactly what you’ll get.

Getting your message seen on the Internet is not an easy thing to do because there really are billions of websites (over 3 billion as of 2007) and there are over a billion people currently online. There will be over 2 billion people online by 2015 and over 7 billion websites.

For those of you who start working online now and stick with it, you'll get the lions share of income over the next 8 years. Plus, you have a great opportunity to establish yourself and your website before the next 4 billion sites are built.

Your Complete System for Success—Yes it’s FREE!

Tools, Resources, Advertising—We have it all

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Thanks to Darryl of Isor for that story
I hope you get the idea that you do need to advertise your business or you will not make it in the long run.
I joined Isor about 2 years ago and have never looked back. Its a great system and you get to join for FREE where I had to pay to join. So what are you waiting for . Join today and get started.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How Long is your commute?

Hi all,

Wouldn't it be nice to have a 10 second commute? Walk across the hallway and poof, you are in your office!

If you start now and stick with your business, one day you can have this kind of commute.

But, it won’t come easy and it won’t come overnight, but I can help you achieve it because I know a place where you can get 8 professional ad-free online marketing tools for FREE.

We are not a get rich quick scam. We are not an MLM. We are not going to tell you that you can make $5,000 in your first week with no effort and no work on your part.

Get your free account today and start building for your success.

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago...The second best time is Today!

The best time to learn how to honestly make money online is today, so in one year you are in a better position to commute 10 seconds instead of what you do now.

Your success begins with a click!

Free lifetime membership

Monday, January 14, 2008

Internet Marketing

Hi all.

Do you want to increase sales, traffic and leads generation today in less time the easy way?
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Enjoy your extra prof.its and time saved today.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Grow Your Profit newsletter

Hi all
I now have a newsletter available called Grow your profit. Lots of tips and ideas, and sign up now and after you sign up you will go to a site you can join for free yes free lifetime membership, with a tons of free programs to help you with your online business. These are the same tools I use everyday online.
So sign up today for my newsletter and get a free lifetime membership as a bonus.

Have a great weekend

Next week I will be telling you about how you can get some free advertising so come back often

HEHE for reading all the way down to here if you do not want to sign up for my newsletter, but would still like the free lifetime membership go to to free membership and you can sign up today

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Want more traffic to your site

Of course you do and a way that I get more traffic is to advertise. I have found a great site that does just that. You can get good traffic to your sits, and lets face it the more people that go to your site the more search engines will like your site.
Get all the details more traffic

They have to types of traffic to choose from.
Type A: Mainstream traffic where you can have automatic audio* and up to one pop-up on the site you will direct the traffic to.Traffic

Type B: Targeted Traffic but you CANNOT have any automatic audio or pop-ups or pop-unders of any kind on your page. The target categories of this traffic are a combination of the following types of people

I buy traffic for my main sites every month from them.
I not only get traffic from this I also get sales as well so I make out 2 ways. Traffic to my sites which the search engines like and I make sales as well , a double win win for me.

Its a New Year so get started today get more traffic to your sites today
Advertising for your site

Top 10 Internet Business Resolutions for 2008

Happy New year to one and all

I just got this from Joel Comm and is a great New Years Resolutions.

Thanks to Joel for this

Here is a list of Top 10 Internet Business Resolutions for 2008. Feel free to repost these on your blog, forward them to friends,and repost them on forums. Just be sure to give proper credit, ok?:-)
I have personalized the list to first person, so repeat after me...
1) I will clearly define what I want my Internet business to looklike in one year and set specific attainable goals to make ithappen. (You can't get where you are going without a roadmap, sochart it out)

2) I will follow those who have succeeded, emulate their successesand learn from their mistakes. (We all need mentors. Be sure youare following people who have honestly and ethically found success)

3) I will stay focused and not get distracted by all the "brightshiny objects" (Just because an ebook, course or software productis great, doesn't mean it is going to help in your specificbusiness. Be discerning!)

4) I will use the product I have purchased before buying anythingelse. (Do you have unread ebooks? Read 'em! Unused software? Use it! Unwatched DVDs? Put them in the DVD player!)

5) I will prioritize networking relationships with others in myindustry, as it is people and not websites that make my businesssuccessful. (This is the secret to my success...)

6) I will make every effort to attend at least one Internetmarketing live event in 2008. (And this is where I discovered thesecret to my success!)

7) I will wisely invest time and money in my business. (If youaren't willing to make sacrifice, you probably aren't going toachieve your goals)

8) I will THINK BIG! (The opportunity is seemingly endless. Don'tbe satisfied with small successes... go for it!)

9) I will not give up! (Nothing happens without action. Never stoptaking action.)

10) I will pay it forward. (It is more blessed to give than toreceive, and I've found that when you help others it always comesback to you with good stuff)

I hope you find these useful as you enter 2008!