Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chat is going wild so make some money with chat

Hi all
Another program that I have been making money with is chat. Thats right chat
This program offers 60 mins. of free phone chat and then they sign up. You get paid for each free sign up as well as when they sign up after the free 60 mins.

Join the leading chat line affiliate program and start making money fast. Earn 15 cents for every Free Trial User you refer AND up to 18% commission on membership purchases. You even get commissions on their reorders! Sign up other webmasters and earn on their sales for even more revenue. Make money FOUR ways - and joining is absolutely FREE!

Earning commission is easy since members do not need to fill out forms, provide credit card details or speak with an operator. With that level of ease, conversion rates are high!

The 4 ways to make money with this program

With this method, for every male visitor to our web site or who calls our toll-free number and gets their FREE 60 minute trial membership, you will receive 15 cents.

There is no operator to speak to. Once callers call any of our systems they will automatically be given out a FREE 60 minute trial membership number.

Callers don’t have to give any credit card information.

There is nothing to sign up to. Simply call, and get a FREE code.

When they call our local system to get their FREE 60 minute membership number they will be prompted to enter a 4-digit coupon code (your affiliate
number) in order to get their 60 minutes. We can then determine which affiliate referred the caller based on the coupon code we receive, and their account is credited. This code is VERY obvious on the site when they click over from your site to ours.

Unlike other CPA programs this one is super easy to generate cash!

Chat is one of hottest markets on the web, with millions of people calling on chat lines yearly.

Because we offer a FREE 60 minute membership, thousands of coupon codes are given out daily. Giving something away for FREE is EASY!

Gimmick FREE! When referrals call our systems, they don’t have to speak with anyone, join anything, or provide any personal information. Our sophisticated phone switches automatically determine the phone number of the caller and then give out their FREE 60 minute trial membership. It’s just that Easy.

#2 commissions per sale
Once your free trial users have exhausted their initial 60 minutes and they reorder any package of minutes, you will be paid 15% commission to start on all of those sales.

Top performers bringing in 50 or more new paid sign-ups per month will be paid 18% on all new signups.

For example, if 60 new members join with our second least expensive 100 minute package and make 100 re-orders of the same package in that month, you will quickly generate $1038.40USD PLUS $9USD in CPA revenue, for a single month! All of this potential revenue, for simply adding a link to our site. It just doesn't get any easier than this!

#3 Reorders

With ChatDollars you also earn 10% on all re-orders from these referrals for life. People LOVE to talk on the phone, and our records show a large percentage of them continue to reorder over and over.

With many chat type programs you get paid only on the first sale and are given nothing on repeat orders. The bulk of the money in this business is on repeat orders with a huge number of signups (paid memberships) re-ordering weekly, monthly or even daily.

#4 Two tier program

We value our affiliates as business partners and want to reward you for networking with your associates and bringing additional affiliates onboard. For every partner you refer to us you will receive a 5% commission on all of their sales. With a 15-18% commission base and 10% on top of that for re-orders, this additional commission potential will allow you to maximize your revenues through aggressively promoting our services. This can be a huge income stream if you can recruit sites with large dating, personals or singles sites!

This has been a great program for me and If it fits in to your site or you are looking to start a new site this could work for you as well.

If you have large dating,personals or dating sites,or romance advice site check out our Romantic at Heart Personals Romance Directory Remember links are the live blood of your site and business

Well thats it for now have a great day all and happy linking

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Internet marketing Robot Zeus

This program I have been using for over 1 year
and I am very happy with . . . a simple, intelligent, internet robot that builds a link directory and creates reciprocal links for your web site.

Zeus is the first of a new breed of innovative, robotic software products for webmasters.

Zeus is a smart internet robot that traverses the web, spidering sites and creating for any webmaster, a vertical themed link directory.

Train him to find web sites, matching your unique themes or subjects, and he will zoom off to find thousands of them. Zeus then helps you to review and organize them into vertically-themed categories and possible inclusion within your link directory.

Zeus creates qualified traffic to your web site in numbers you have always thought to be impossible. This is quickly accomplished through a series of steps utilizing dynamic website content, increased search engine activity and genuine, match-each-other reciprocal links.

Content is quickly added to a website with dynamically changing, Zeus-generated, link directory pages. With a single click, your Link Directory is built and uploaded to your web site. These themed pages are keyword-tuned to score high in search engine rankings. Search engines give higher rankings to websites with themed content that match each other through mutual reciprocal links. It is now possible for your directory pages to place in the top 10 search engine listings with a single search word! Imagine having hundreds of these pages, each page built around a single keyword or phrase. As a possible added bonus, re-submission to search engines is a forgotten chore once reciprocal links point towards your site. Robots will visit your site more often because they will find links to your website more frequently throughout the internet.

One good reciprocal link can give you the same amount of traffic as a major search engine and with a Zeus internet robot, you can have hundreds of reciprocal links. The best qualified visitors to your site are from reciprocal links. Zeus simplifies the tedious task of reciprocal link generation by providing, from your link directory, a pool of qualified, theme-matching, reciprocal link prospects, organized by themes or subjects. A contact manager is included allowing you to email an individually-personalized reciprocal link request to each website's webmaster. Everything is easy to edit, organize and maintain. Link Partners receive a preferential graphic and listing at the top of each directory page providing a compelling reason to reciprocate the link.

Your link directory will also ensure your website's visitors stay longer and bookmark it into their favorites for a speedy return. Zeus is non-invasive to visited websites and follows all the Robotic Guidelines as described throughout the Internet. You can use Zeus in multiple themes; great for web marketers, authors, researchers, webmasters or serious hobbyists.

Zeus is not for everyone but if you are a moderately to expertly skilled webmaster, with limited time on your hands, who could benefit from a vertical-themed link directory and increased website traffic, Zeus will automate almost every aspect of creating such a directory.

Check this out today as this is a great
company and a great program