Saturday, October 09, 2010

Know for Profit new ad test

We have just started a new ad test on a site called Viralad Store You can check this site out at Viralad store It is a safe list with some extras that might make it worth while to test for yourself. We joined as a free mamber as we almost always do for testing.
  If you are a member or have tested this site in the past Please post a comment and let us know your resukts.
Happy surfing
Eric Burgoyne
the advertising results people


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Traffic We all need trafiic

That is the one thing everyone that is working on the internet needs traffic.

If you have no traffic you have no sign ups or sales.

You need traffic to get higher rankings on the search engines, alex rankings, and visitors.

Whether you have a Blog, Sales Page, Capture Page, Website, Affiliate Sales Page, or any page on the Internet, you need traffic.

You might ask why should you spend advertising dollars on something that will not bring immediate sales or sign ups? The answer is because you want your site to be found during normal searches without having to pay the search engines for those extremely expensive PPC campaigns and our traffic is a lot more affordable than any PPC campaign you'll ever run and traffic is vital to the success of your site.

Our traffic will deliver real people to your site, blog or webpage and that is one of the criteria used by search engines to boost your rankings. They want to see sites, blogs and pages that are consistently receiving traffic.

Imagine if you had a store that sold heaters and your store was located in the middle of the desert, or an air conditioner store in the middle of Antarctica. Both would fail and fail miserably.

You see working online can be just that lonely for a website because there are billions of sites, Blogs, and webpage's for people to choose from. Yours is just one of those sites and if nobody knows you're there, you might as well be selling heaters in the desert or air conditioners in Antarctica!

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