Saturday, June 24, 2006

Summer Slow time Great time to build your Business

Its summer time and as always things slow down a bit. Now is the time to get ready for the fall and winter selling seasons.
This is one of the biggest mistakes p[eople I know make, when it slows down in the summer they take time off from building there sites promoting there sites and tweaking there programs.
Get ready for the busy season now do not wait till the fall because thats way to late to get ready.
1. Check your html tags
2. check all links to make sure they are live.
3. Find new programs for your site.
4. Great time to submit your sites to the search engines and directories
5. Start any new websites you have been thinking of.
6. Great time to test your google ad sense or other ad campaigns for the fall and winter.
7 . Check out our business articles here
8. Get a good link directory started on your sites. try Zeus you will be shocked how well it works.
9.Make sure you get your back to school links up this month and get ready for the fall holidays as well.
Paid advertising update Things are going allright Exact seek started 2006-05-07 now has Total Clicks 21 not to bad for $12.00 for 3 months.
Google ad words total 35 clicks avg cost per click .97 cents for a total of $34.02
not a great result so I have changed my google ad to see if that will help.
Estore update
I have sold another 3 stores andsome more sales in my store. If you have been looking for a fully stocked store of your own, you have to check this program out all the details at my store The Family Discount Store
Have agreat day all