Monday, July 02, 2012

Have you lost commissions?

This program was created to give you an affordable and effective method to track your ads and your web links.

We created this program based on the needs of the marketplace.

We wanted a program that would give you the power you need to maintain your ads and links at a price you could afford.

There are no per click charges, you can create and track unlimited ads and you have the ability to create your own ad tracking link.

the most powerful features to save you money and time. Even if you only use free advertising,

you will still benefit with this program as there is no reason to continue advertising anyplace that is not giving you a positive return.

No software to install and no programming required

No setup fees, no installation fees

Track, manage and analyze all your ads and web links

E-mail confirmation for all links you create

Name your own tracking address-Help build site branding

No per click or click through charges

Create and track an unlimited number of links-No extra fees

Powerful built-in reporting capability

Get an IP address list so you can verify hits are real & unique

Drop-down menus to create fast and easy campaigns

Daily e-mail notification of links, hits, and sales

Phone and/or email support

You will be tracking your ads and links in less than 60 seconds