Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do Solo ads really work ??

Hi all
Do Solo ads really work anymore. The answer is few and far between do.

I have run 16 solo ads in the last month and only 3 of them did I get any results worth talking about.
Solo ads used to be a great way to advertise but have lost ground over the last while do to the massive number of people trying to make money sending solo ads out.

Seems like today a ton of folks that have built any link of opt in list is selling solo ads trying to make money .
I have sent some to a "list of 16,000 + " and got 9 visitors to the site. The worst one was to 30,000 list and I got 7 hits on ad tracker.

A few I have sent to 4,000 and got 800 + hits and a good number of sign ups.
Others have said they sent my ad to their lists and I have had no hits on my ad tracker.

So if you decide to use solo ads be forwarned and be careful which ones you use.
After I am done running my test that will run to the end of March I will list the results here , so you can see who I have luck with and the ones I have not.

Below is the solo ad that I am running its a good offer and its free so I should get good results from it as it costs nothing for this program

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As you can see it is a good offer so it should work well
I will let you know when I am done with my solo tests.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When does 6+6=24?

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