Sunday, March 26, 2006

Business program updates and programs

Hi all
I hope you all had a chance to read my last post as long as it was.(sorry about that ) but you really nead to read that post all the wat threw as it is a very different programand has over ways to make money with thast 1 program.

Now to todays topic my shopping mall which I wrote abit about in January. I should have given you more info on as this has 3 ways or more of making good money.

Some of the featues are
Fully Stocked Shopping Mall with a FREE domain name
Over 3,500 Great Items, select all or choose your theme
Free drop-shipping account!
Ebay Helper: create eBay listing with a click of a button
Daily Product Updates
Price Mark Up Tool
Real Time Store Traffic/Earnings Statistics
Free Banners!
AdSense Space
Your Own Affiliate Program
Community Resources Area
Banner/Button Space (to sell or to trade)
Store Management Account
Tools to build pages and more
Tools to upload images and logos

One of the things I did not tell you that I should have is you can sell stores as well and make $17,00 per sale and for every store that is sold by a person you sold a store to you get $7.00. This is already set up for you when you get your own store.
As well your affiliate program is already set up for you as well, all you have to decide is what percentage you are going to pay your affiliates.
Righ now the store is onsale and for a short time you can get your own store for only your own complete online store package for just $39.95 a year plus one time set up fee of $20.00. No monthly charges, no hidden charges. GUARANTEED
This includes your own domain name you can either pickup one they already have set up or pick your domain name that they will set up for you.

If you are or are thinking about selling on ebay then you should also look at this store program as it has
Free drop-shipping account!
Ebay Helper: create eBay listing with a click of a button
I have used both and they work great and as they are always adding new products you never run out of freah items to sell.
If you would like to see a operating store you can go to my store The Family Discount Store near the top of the first page yuo will find the links to join not only my affiliate program but as well where you can get your e-store.

Well thats it for today
Have a great week all
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another program that works well for me

Hi all I have been working the program below for many years its a great program and you can make good money with it. There are a number of ways to make money with this program. There are so many ways I am still finding new ones as he is always adding some way new to make more money. Below I have added as much information as I can from the website to let you know what this program is all about.

Earn money 30 different ways and make from 5% to 80% - full training and support. Unique system requires your downline to join under you in all programs... Open worldwide - visit today ===========================================================
Free Resources, Tools and Information to increase online
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ISELL Classifieds Service System - Passive Leads Generation and much more...
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Visit now:

I could go on for hours about this but i will not go to the site and check it out for your self there is plenty more to check out.

Well thats it for me today have a great day all

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Want To Be A Beta-Tester? neat program

Hi all I have just found this program and I am already thrilled with it. I usually work a program for a few months before I put it up here but this one has some great programs with resale rights and it cost nothing to join info below
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Well thats it for tonight
I hope you check out the above free program yes it is free and yes you can upgrade to pay if you like but ther are some GREAT GREAT programs for free check it out cost you nothing to check this one out. HERE

Well thats it for now have a great day all

Friday, March 03, 2006

Watch out for the scams

Hi all
One thing that has been happening more and more are websites and emails claiming to be able to make you rich overnight.
Belive that if they were true I would me a multi millionare by now a 100 times over, but alsa I am not.
Before we go any further here I want to say that YES you can make money on the internet, but you have to work for it whether you want to make money online or off.

Nobody but nobody is going to give you a million dollars. I get email after email every day telling me there are going to make me millions if I only pay them 400.00 or 799.00 or 49.95 or 70.00 but only if I do it today before they change their minds. Utter hog wash they make there money telling you how to make money.
There are many good Business opps on the net but none of them are going to claim that you are going to be rich overnight if you find one that does run as fast as you can.

All the programs that I list on my blog I work and make money from.!!! I do not make a million from them but they do pay the bills. Yes I would like to make more and I am working towards that end, but note I said WORK towards that end. If you do not want to put some time and effort into your online Business do not bother even starting, because you are waisting your time.

There are some great business articles I have on my business page check them out here
Well thats about it for tonight watch out for those emails and websites, and when you do get your business going do not forget to link link your way to the top