Friday, March 03, 2006

Watch out for the scams

Hi all
One thing that has been happening more and more are websites and emails claiming to be able to make you rich overnight.
Belive that if they were true I would me a multi millionare by now a 100 times over, but alsa I am not.
Before we go any further here I want to say that YES you can make money on the internet, but you have to work for it whether you want to make money online or off.

Nobody but nobody is going to give you a million dollars. I get email after email every day telling me there are going to make me millions if I only pay them 400.00 or 799.00 or 49.95 or 70.00 but only if I do it today before they change their minds. Utter hog wash they make there money telling you how to make money.
There are many good Business opps on the net but none of them are going to claim that you are going to be rich overnight if you find one that does run as fast as you can.

All the programs that I list on my blog I work and make money from.!!! I do not make a million from them but they do pay the bills. Yes I would like to make more and I am working towards that end, but note I said WORK towards that end. If you do not want to put some time and effort into your online Business do not bother even starting, because you are waisting your time.

There are some great business articles I have on my business page check them out here
Well thats about it for tonight watch out for those emails and websites, and when you do get your business going do not forget to link link your way to the top

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