Friday, July 17, 2009

Know for Profit Great surprise offer

This such a great offer I almost fell out of my chair when I first saw it....

NOW, you can make $$$$$ simply by showing other people what advertising works and what does not work? And, to ensure your complete success, I'll give you a powerful incentive based selling system absolutely FREE! Read on and then get started today...

When you can save people hundreds or thousands of dollars, they will happily pay you for this information. And when you show them how they can get this information and make money for only $12/month, they will be tripping over themselves to signup.

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Okay, let's get to the point:

Everyone working online needs this service and that means you can make money with it and the incentive based selling system I'm using is the same one I'll give to you. The cost of the service is only $12 per month, and they pay 50% commissions and they pay every week. The incentive based selling system is FREE!

Here's the offer to you:

Join with me and I will give you the following:

1) An upgraded paid Account in for FREE. PY is free to join, but the upgrade version sells for $87 and that's what I'm giving you . PY is full of online marketing tools, advertising, resources, downloads and more.

The founder of PY, Darryl Graham has put all this together for us as he is promoting the new service which is the first outside program Darryl has ever sold. Darryl is a paying member of the site and is giving us the ability to use the same incentive he is using to build his downline.

2) You'll also get: The ability to use the same offer as above for people who come in with you. For example: You get your account today and I give you PY. You get someone to join you and you give them PY and you give them the ability to give away the $87 PY accounts.

3) You can use this as much as you want and others can as well.

Why this will work for you:

1) The cost of the program is only $12 a month and everyone can afford $12 per month.

2) I'm giving you an $87 service that includes all the tools, resources, training and advertising you'll need to succeed online.

3) You can give people who sign up with you the same $87 incentive so they can get people to signup.

4) You'll also get a site just like this that you can personally customize. This is not a replicated site as you will have full control of editing and keeping the site up to date--which is an easy as typing a letter.

If you're tired of the lies and BS going on with the Internet where people are telling you that you can make thousands with no work and no effort, then this program is for you.

Get your KFP account now and then follow the instructions below

Make sure you see Grow Your Proft in the sponsored by field when you register so you can get this special offer.

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After you get your account:

Send an email to my personal email address below and in the subject line, put KFP with Grow Your Profit. Please include a copy of your PayPal receipt in the email. Once I receive this, I will send you instructions on how you get your PY upgrade and PY give away service. Please do not send the email until you have joined KFP and please do not add my email address to any lists.

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