Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The One Thing...That Isn't Up For Debate

There sure is a lot of people telling you what you 'must have' when it comes to online marketing tools!

"You need this widget this week, and that widget the next."

"Don't forget this tool that all the gurus use and that tool that is hot off the market!"

It can sure be confusing....

But there is one tool, no one can and has ever debated the importance of.

One tool that every single marketing expert on planet earth will agree with....

The autoresponder!

This is the first must have tool every new business person is introduced to online and for very good reason.

It's your all-in-one marketing suite. It's your contact manager. It's your email relationship marketing tool.


And when you choose an autoresponder, it's important to go with a few important features;

1. It must WORK - Your email must be delivered to the recipients inbox!

2. It must be easy to use - Stop spending time doing useless tasks and get to sending those messages quick!

3. It must be powerful - Easy to use and effective. Everything you need under one roof.

4. It must have great support - If anything goes wrong, you know you are only minutes away from getting it fixed

5. And finally, it must be affordable - Why spend 400% more on our competitors service? Save your money and get better results!

You can find it all in Rocket Responder - Your ultimate marketing tool!

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Yours in email success,

Eric Burgoyne