Saturday, March 29, 2008

Solo ads update

Hi all
Well its time for a solo ads update

The best one so far Free Solo Ezine Ads
The results for this site I ran the same ad twice results below

Solo ad #1Total Hits 662 Ads Sent 4000 Response 16.55% Sales 22

Solo ad #2 Total Hits 689 Ads Sent 4000 Response 17.23% Sales 8

Now for the rest for my money not worth it

SCOOP Free Software Newsletter Total Hits 9 Ads Sent 30000 Response 0.03%

Vector Central Marketing solo ad, plus classified ad for 1 month on their site

Total Hits 59 Ads Sent 4000 Response 1.48% Total Sales 2

more to come
best of luck with your solo ads

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Profit Yesterday ? Yes you can

What is Profit Yesterday?
In a nutshell, PY is an opportunity for you to make money reselling these amazing accounts and it is also a one stop shop for you to get unlimited access to all the online marketing tools you must have to succeed online.
What you need to realize is it does not matter what someone is selling online or how they are trying to make money, they all need these tools to succeed.
Which would you rather have: 10---20 dollar bills or 1---100 dollar bill? You see, that's our philosophy here and that should be yours as well, because $200 is better than $100 any day of the week and twice on Sunday!
You see, it's better to have a lot of something small than a little of something big.
Okay but why do I need these tools? Every person making over $100,000 per year online is using online marketing tools to run and manage their business, and they use them for a reason. You must build your list responsibly and legally and this is why you need the Autoresponder. You must track your advertising links and ads and this is why you need Ad-Alyzer the ad and link tracker. You must help your downline succeed and this is why you need the URL Rotator from ISORotator. You must have your own capture page that you fully control and this is why you need to have your own capture page .
And you need a real company that offers real support for these tools and resources and I guarantee you won't find better support and training then we offer our clients.
There is nothing to download to use these tools as they all run on our dedicated clustered servers.
If you're like me and you're not a techie that simply means we have plenty of horsepower from our servers to run these sites and when we need more power, we just add another server. This is the same system Google uses to power their network, so you know it will be reliable, fast and your sites will work when you need them.
Why are you so cheap? Well, cheap is definitely not the right word for our products, but it is for our price and here is the answer. We started building our tool sites in 1999 and we have never stopped. We actually started PY in 2005 and re-worked it in 2008 to what you see today.

We priced PY so everyone who wanted to succeed could afford to succeed because at $37 for a lifetime account, you can't afford not to get PY. We want you to make money with our affiliate program which is why we give you the lions share and pay you 60% commissions and you will appreciate the price when you get your account and see how easy it is to make sales

We also run an advertising network throughout our sites and this helps to offset the cost of our services. You'll see ads in your back office, but you WON"T EVER see ads in your Autoresponder messages, Ad Links, URL Rotators or on your own capture page.

because of this ad network, you will have the opportunity to generate ad credits if you want that you can redeem for free advertising in our network. This is another benefit for you.

Yes, we could sell PY for a lot more money but our goal is to help as many people as we can and we priced PY to do that.

So if you want to have your inbox flooded with: "You've made a Commission", you need to get Profit Yesterday--Today!

Review what you get

· 60% Payout Affiliate Program
· Professional Autoresponder
· Ad and Link Tracker
· URL Rotator
· Lifetime Accounts
· SEO Enhancement Service
· Capture Page Creator
· Lead Generation System
· Game Site
· Website Hosting Included
· Easy Setup and Use—Be up and running as an affiliate in less than 3 minutes

This is a limited time opportunity as we will be adding more services to these accounts and when we do, the price will increase, but you will get everything we add at no additional cost.
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Profit Yesterday