Friday, April 06, 2007

Hot new item for sale what a joke

Hi all
I am get about 30 different news letters from the so called experts on how to make money on the net.
The thing that really gets to me that most of them send you a new item that you must have and within another hour or 2 10 more are trying to get me to buy the same item.
This is a complete joke . It seems to me most of them are making a living allright trying to sell all of us the so called hot new item.
Do not get me wrong I do get a few newsletters that I do get some new ideas from.
For all these hot items both books and software make sure they are going to do something for you !! DO NOT JUST BUY them because someone tells you you have to have them.
AS for all these online gurus who are trying to sell you on every new thing that comes along most of whom I do not think have ever used the product themslfs be carefull and do not waste your money. I have been doing this since 1996 and I have seen a ton of so Have to have items and 3 months later they are gone.
Any program or book that I tell you about I own and use myself. I will tell you about items that I use and that make me money whether it be a link directory program like Zeus that I have been using for years or software that I find that I use.
There are many free e-books that are on the net. Some of these are great for example if you go here you can download a Free, 170 page "Common Sense Web Marketing" eBook This is a great book that all should read and its FREE
Well thats the rant for today
Happy Easter all have a safe weekend