Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are you really ready for your own 12 Second Commute

If you are really ready to stop the 9-5 day  grind and want your very own 12 Second Commute you can.

Yes you really can, but there are no free rides!! You are going to have to work for it.
 You are going to have to start building your own list, have a auto responder, link trackers, capture pages. capture page creator,contact manager, and TRAINING lots and lots of Training !!!!!

 There is a place where you can get all of this and everything else you are going to need so you can have your very own 12 Second Commute.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

You've Heard of the Little Engine That Could

ISOR is the Little Program That Will Make you Money!

There are thousands of programs on the Internet that'll cost you over $100 per month and all of them tell you how much money you can make because of their cost.

What they fail to mention is that most people can't afford them so you are stuck holding the bag. With ISOR, everyone can afford $7 per month so more will upgrade which means more commissions to you.

As an Extreme client, you'll earn 50% recurring commission on everyone who upgrades with you and while the upgrade to Extreme is optional it is also very popular which is how an upgrade should be.

Not required, but so powerful, easy and affordable that the majority of your referrals will want it.

So get your FREE ISOR account today and take advantage of this amazing and extremely practical solution to earning money online.

Make Money--Have Fun

Working online does not need to be the chore that many people make it out to being.

Our lives are short enough without have to get stressed out about working online.

There is a program that is free to join--you can stay free or upgrade for only $7/month and the best part is you can make money either way.

So make money and have fun. Click on the URL below.
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How The System Works

Everyone can start FREE and you can stay FREE for as long as you want and you can earn money as a FREE member.

As a free member you can:

Review ads and earn credits that you can redeem for free advertising. You'll get 100 ad credits just for signing up.

You can refer others to ISOR and earn money when they upgrade.

You earn credits for simply logging into your ISOR account, referring others to ISOR, or opening your Smart Page. We give you plenty of opportunities to get free advertising.

You can use the online conference center for free so you can communicate with other ISOR members or anyone with a computer.

You can use the ad tracker and URL Rotator to track and promote anything you want.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The number one reason people fail online

The number one reason people fail online or offline is advertising and lack of advertising. If you are going to succeed, you must advertise. With 12 Second Commute you get one of the best ad trackers on the Internet, but it will only help you if you advertise, so how and where do you advertise? These are the $10 million questions, but we will give you as much help as we can and also make sure you attend the training conference on Thursday nights as Eric Burgoyne, the owner of will give you more information on advertising.

Let’s start with where do you advertise? The short answer is anyplace and everyplace you can. One of the good things about advertising is that it is all around us and you are only limited by yourself. There are plenty of free places to advertise, but most of them are junk as all you are doing is advertising to a bunch of freebie chasers who are only involved at the free advertising place to advertise their scams.