Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Breakthrough "Forced Money" System Just Released

There's a "new" kind of website these days - one that "FORCES" money into your pocket!
The days are now over where you were left with just "chance" on your side when it came to making money on the Internet.
A brand new "technology" has been developed that makes websites pay you by "force!"
Short of putting a gun to people's heads and making them take their money out of their wallets and pay you without choice, this new technology might as well be the exact same thing.
This breakthrough was developed by a New York Virtual Marketing Firm, and is taking the Web by storm!
Already some pretty famous names are taking note of this new "money making invention" that "forces" money out of the Internet directly into your bank account!
A spokesperson for the NYC firm boasted proudly:
"Imagine the Worldwide-Web as an ocean of money ... our new technology merely makes a way for YOU to be able to dig a big trench from that 'cash-sea' directly into your backyard!"
And that's obviously a pretty amazing feat to say the very least!
People get a webpage that's NOT ordinary by any means!
The webpage "captures" a huge segment of the daily visitors it receives and winds up upselling them repeatedly with a predictable conversion each and every time!
Plus, the webpage has a "built-in" device that allows it to generate "free traffic" without end!
So considering the fact that you get free traffic, along with a predictable and steady stream of sales conversions, you get a guaranteed source of endless income!
Additionally, the webpage you get already contains a PROVEN digital product that no online marketer can live without, and one that is delivered where all your orders are filled automatically by another firm on behalf of you, the webpage owner! (And at no costs!)
Not only that, but the webpage contains a video that makes further an irresistible offer so that people must surrender their contact information, and which also becomes a VAST double-optin list!
This list is maintained by yet another separate online firm on your behalf, and that has the HIGHEST track record for getting over 98% deliverability for follow-up emailings (the same that convert another 378% more sales for you!)
So in a nutshell you get:
o An amazing website! o A website that converts sales automatically! o A website that puts "forced" money directly into your pocket! o A website that's run by another firm for you (at NO charge!) o A website that continues to promote for you over & over! o A website that grows & cultivates a proven list! o A website that functions automatically (so you never run it!) o And a website that you get Free H0STING for!
So as you can easily see you get the whole "Sha-Bang!"
Here are just a few examples of the successes people are having using this "Forced Money" breakthrough system:
---> "Lisa C." Made $44,047 In Just 97 Days ---> "Jay R." Made $102,033 In Just 32 Days ---> "Cal W." Made $317,951 In Just 17 Days
Without wasting another moment of your time, why not go to the new site that shows you how you can get this site for yourself (if you'd like) for next to nothing? ...

*But I must warn you that they are only giving away a very limited number of these "forced money" websites that forcibly pour money into your pocket! - So please [for your sake] HURRY!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Friday is Coming

Black Friday is coming is your website ready ?
Now this year more than ever you need to have your sales site ready for Black Friday.
With high gas prices and the downturn in the economy more and more folks will be staying at home and surfing the net.
If you have a black Friday sales page update it and get it ready for Friday.
You may have a look at my Black Friday sales page here
Times are tough so folks are looking for REAL bargains so if have real Bargains
Its also time to have your Christmas sales pages up as well. The holiday shopping season is here.
Check out my Home for Christmas site there are some free Christmas quiz's as well as some free Christmas graphics for your website. There is also a fun Christmas countdown clock and so much more.
Have a great week
For Your Online Success,
Eric Burgoyne

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did you know there is more f*ree traffic for you?

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Count to 10 backwards

Did you count 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1? If yes, try again.

You can't count to 10 backwards!

You can count from 10 backwards.

This is a simple play on words and many companies use this type of deception when telling you how to make money or market your products online.

ISOR is not into deception
We are into giving you Free access to the tools and resources you must have to succeed.
Check us out now

You have nothing to loose to have a look

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Webmasters, earn money from your web site

Are you looking to make extra income from your website ?
Well that was a silly question come to think about it for a second.
Of course you are well I have been making extra money from this program for some time now. In a hurry you can get all the details HERE

As an associate your commission will be 30% of the sales you refer.
This is a 2 tier program
Associate managers commission is 7% of their associate's sales.

Click here to find out how your web site can begin earning money

You can become an associate manager and earn commission on associates that you find to refer sales to A pretty Woman. As an associate manager you will receive 35% of the commission that your associates earn. You can be an associate and an associate manger, at the same time, by displaying associate links and associate manager links.Becoming an associate manager is quick and simple. Just place a link, button or banner as shown below to A pretty Woman associate page. Thats it, its that simple. No more forms, no further registration. As soon as you begin sending visitors you will be able to see the number of visitors that you have sent to the "A pretty Woman - associate registration page". Then, as people begin to sign up for the program you will get email confirmations informing you of this. You should return here from time to see their performance (visitors sent, orders they receive, paid sales), and of course, to see how much money they are earning for you.
You may not become an associate manager for your own site, or register another site for the purpose of making it an associate of a site that you are an associate manager, or benefit from any associate sale and associate manager sale combined, or a portion thereof, in any way whatsoever. Other than the commission paid directly to you for associate sales you may not benefit directly or indirectly from the associate's commission paid to them for the same referred sale. As an associate manager you may not be rewarded by your own associates or reward them in any way for referred sales to A pretty Woman. In short, you can earn commission, by being either an associate manager, or an associate on any sale, but not boost your commission by being both associate manager and associate for the same sale. Therefore, you can be both, associate and associate manager, on seperate sales, as long as you do not receive commission as an associate manager and associate from the same sale.To start registering associates and building your own associate team you will need to place one of these banners, buttons or links on your web pages. The code is shown below each link. Select the code for the links you want, copy and paste them in to your web pages. Once you have placed the link in your web page, test it, by clicking on it and making sure that it goes to the "A pretty Woman - associate signup page" page. If you have done this correctly, this page will then be replaced by your associate manager account page. To make sure that you have done everything correctly (placed the code and clicked on the link), return to this page and it will be replaced by your new associate manager account page, and you will begin to see the number of visitors you have sent over, and information on your associates, as soon as they begin registering.

For Your Online Success,
Eric Burgoyne

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An article directory that pays you?

Wow, this is a tremendous concept and
I couldn’t wait to tell you more about it!
in a hurry check it out here

I have 2 things to tell you about

1. Anik Singal of Affiliate Classroom
has launched an amazing new article
directory called AffSphere.

This is NOT your typical article directory!

He and his team have actually devised
a way for you to make money in 8 different
ways using the directory!

2. Anik is revealing EVERYTHING about how
to do article marketing. He’s revealing the
same blue-print that took him over 5 years
to create!
Guess what he’s charging?

Just $5! Not only that but he’s giving you
5,000 Free Ad Credits in the directory! That
means you can trade them in for free TRAFFIC
from the directory…

There is absolutely no catch, no forced
continuity or anything - just $5.

The minute you buy the report, you also get
your free AffSphere account and you start
earning money from AffSphere in 8 different
ways too!

I highly recommend you grab the $5 report.
See you there!
Get it today HERE

For Your Online Success,
Eric Burgoyne

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Budgets for your Business

Budgets for Your Business
Budgets are the forgotten business practice on the Internet but they are very important to use in running your business. And, remember regardless of whether you are promoting affiliate programs, MLM, selling a product or anything else, you are running a business and you have to look at things differently in order to be successful.Some people start working online and don't consider themselves in business and they cannot be further from the truth because if you are working online to make money, you are now in business and everything we talk about at this site is based on treating you like the business owner that you are.Today we are going to talk about budgets and since your number one expense is going to be or should be advertising that is where we will start.When you start a business, you always need to keep your eye on the bottom line. How much money do you have coming in vs. how much is going out? Since you are probably self funding your business which means you are not getting investors, establishing your budget is fairly easy.

One way to establish a budget is to pay your mortgage or rent, car payment, utility bills, food, clothing, etc. and then whatever you have left over that's your budget. While this might work, it is not the best approach to take because it is too easy to slip on investing in your company for a week with the intent on catching up the following week.

The problem with this is most people will never catch up so having a budget for your business is a matter of self discipline.

There is no right or wrong amount to set for your budget as long as the budget is not zero¦Before you establish your budget, you need to take a few things into consideration such as the cost of your product, the amount of commission you'll generate and whether or not there is any residual income from your product.

Residual income can come from recurring commissions or from commissions you receive from those you sell to. In other words a multi-tier payment process has the ability for you to make an income from everyone you sell to.
Based on this information, you can decide how much money you want to spend to make each sale.If you're selling a product that costs $50 and you get $20, you will treat that product differently than a product you sell for $50 and you not only get $20 on each sale, but you will get an additional $5 from everyone you sell to who also makes sales.

The reason for this is because if you make a one-time commission your cost to advertise has to be less than $20 if you want to make money.Whereas if you have a product that pays you $20 for the initial sale and $5 from everyone you sell to who also makes sales, you can actually spend more than $20 for that first sale because you can make it up on the back end sales.This is called the â lost Leader approach and is based on long term gains for short term losses. Now be forewarned that this is a little risky if you are selling a product for someone else and relying on your downline to make sales because unless you are helping your downline, many of them will never make a sale which means you will never see that second tier payment.Your best approach is to find a happy medium so you can generate an income off the initial sale and future sales by your downline.How much should you dedicate to advertising your product, program or service is entirely up to you. There are people who work on bulk sales where they make a small percentage on each sale, but they make lots of sales. Other people want to make fewer sales but get a larger percentage of the commission. Again, there is no right or wrong way to do this, you just need to decide going in which is best for you and base your budget on that policy.
Once you have established your budget, make sure you spend your budget each and every month and you don't do this just because you have the money, you do it because you will want to test different advertising, always have traffic flowing to your site, setup co-ops for your downline, etc.Also remember your budget needs to cover more than just advertising. You also need to include the following in your budget: Internet Connection
Phone Costs
Printer Ink
Paper and Office Supplies
Salary for yourself
Accounting Costs
Design and Layout
Website Hosting
Miscellaneous ExpensesSome of these will not pertain to you at first because something like salary is not something you can expect for many months or years and yes this is a fact. Again, contrary to what others are telling you, you will not come online and immediately generate an income. You will at some point, but not initially and if that is your plan, quit your business now because you will be disappointed when you find out the truth which is what we are telling you now.Now you need to understand that if making money online was as easy as all those scam sites are telling you, then everyone would be working online and there would be no traffic jams or rush hours and gas would cost about a dollar a gallon because nobody would be driving anymore.Yes, you can make money online if you treat your business like a business, advertise it as much and as often as you can and spend some quality time with your business each day.Okay, getting back to budgets. Take an hour and setup your budget for your business. If your are promoting multiple things, you will need to establish a budget for each product, but you start with your business first.Feel free to re-work your budget about every 6 to 12 months and if you are not spending all you set aside for paper and office supplies, then take that and invest in advertising because the only thing and I mean the only thing that will make your company grow is advertising and the more you spend, the more you'll make assuming you have a solid product of course.Take an hour and setup your budget and monitor it carefully. If you have Excel, you can track your budget in Excel and make sure you know where you are spending your budget and why and keep solid records so in the near future as you build your downline, you can show them how much they will have to spend to get to your level.
Looking for great online tools for your business check this out and its free !!!Your Complete System for Success—Yes it’s FREE
For Your Online Success,
Eric Burgoyne

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ad and Link Tracker

Today I want to talk to you about using a Ad and Link Tracker.
Tracking your online advertising is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money. If you don’t know what ads are working, you will spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars in wasted advertising money.
Your Ad-Alyzer ad and link tracker is one of the most powerful and easy to use ad trackers on the Internet.
Setting up your tracking links will only take a few minutes and you’ll be amazed at the power of this service.
When you use Ad-Alyzer properly it will provide you with a wealth of information that will benefit you today and your future tomorrows. Because knowing what works and what does not is important to you and will be a huge advantage as you recruit new members into your program. There is nothing to download or install and Ad-Alyzer works on their servers.
Take some time to get to know your Ad-Alyzer members area. They have online training videos that will show you exactly how to setup your links and there is also a demo at the Ad-Alyzer website.If you have not signed up for your free account yet, do so today and get started on your way.
Get Moving In A Positive Direction We’ll teach you how to use the tools, manage your business and get moving in a positive direction.Get the exciting details here:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My new Safelist

Hi all
I have taken over a safelist named ' The Best Safelist '

I took over this safelist about a week ago so do not blame me for the name.(lol)

I have made many changes to the safelist, for the better I hope.
There are 3 levels of memberships
Send your ad to all Free Members every 7 day.
Earn $.50 for each Pro member you refer
Earn $1.00 for each Platinum member you refer
Ad Tracking!
Member Links!
Sign up for Free Account:
Send your ad to all Free and Pro Members every 3 day.
Earn $1.25 for each Pro member you refer
Earn $2.00 for each Platinum member you refer1 Free Banner(s) added to our rotator!
Ad Tracking!
Member Links
!POP3 Mailbox Cleaner!
$3.00 Monthly
Send your ad to all Free and Pro Members every day.
Earn $2.00 for each Pro member you refer
Earn $3.00 for each Platinum member you refer
Receive no email
2 Free Banner(s) added to our rotator!
Ad Tracking!
Member Links!
POP3 Mailbox Cleaner!
$5.00 Monthly
So as you can see you not only can promote your business or program,
you can also make money with this safelist.
You can also purchase sponsor ads on the left hand side of the safelist homepage .
I will also be artarting have contests in the next couple of moths as well.
I hope you will take a look as The Best Safelist and will join our ever growing numbers
848 as of this writing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Slower times means time to get more work done

Hi all
Its the start of the summer slow down time for the Internet,which means its time for you to get to work.
Every year I get emails saying my site is slowing down I have nothing to do until the people came back in the fall.
I say this time of the year is the busiest time of the year for me.
This is the time of year to rebuild your websites and time to build new pages. Also get ready for the fall season.
I also update my Halloween and Christmas sites as well. I am already selling back to school supplies, and some Halloween inflatables as well as outdoor decorations.
It is a great time of the year to get all your changes done and update your sites.
So as you can see it may be a bit slower with site traffic but this is the time of the year for you to get ready for the busy time of the year. The more you get done this time of the year, the more time you will have to answer emails from your customers in the fall
Have a great weekend

Sunday, April 27, 2008

newbie warning

This is a warning to all newbies. Do not get taken in by the folks that will tell you anything to get you to join or sell their service.
You are not going to make a 6 or 7 figure income overnight.
If you see anything like that run close your window and go have a coffee. It is NOT going to happen.
You are not going to be rich overnight !!!
It takes time effort and lots of work to make good money online.
Yes you can make money online but again you have to work at it.
Well that's my warning for all you newbies.
I am of to 7-11 for a Pepsi.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Advertising is The Key

The bottom line is… YOU NEED TO ADVERTISE and we can put your message in front of a qualified audience in a variety of effective ways. Our ads run on our own network and this allows you to save money and YOU control the entire advertising process!ad credits each time you buy advertising and you can redeem them for free advertising in the future.
We also offer advertising specials each month that you can take advantage of from your account management area.
To get started and POWER-UP your business, simply create a FREE account. Once you have done this, you will be able to setup your ads and manage them in your own secure Ad Resource area at your convenience. Your Ad Resource area allows you to track your hits, receive additional campaigns and control and monitor all your advertising services easily.Click on the ”Get Your ISOR Advertising Account Now” button below and get your free account today. It’s no big secret that to succeed, YOU MUST ADVERTISE. Only ISOR can give you advertising that works at fair prices and a complete account management area so you can track and manage all your advertising services from one place.
When you register for your advertising account you have complete control over your account and if you don’t like our service you can easily cancel your account anytime you want.
The ISOR Advertising Service has been developed and setup to propel you toward the success you desire and we have held nothing back in order to get you there. Get your account today!

Our Advertising Guarantee Is Simple:
If you are not satisfied with your campaign, we will run it again for FREE.
We offer the following types of advertising:
Banners–Prices start at $12 for 1,000 Impressions
Traffic–Prices start at $5 for 1,000 visitors to your site
Solo Ads–Prices start at $27 for 1,000 impressions
Site Entry Ads–Only $37 for 300 Page Views
Exit Ads–Full year exposure for only $187 and unlimited hits for 12 months
Scrolling Text Ads–Only $27 for 5000 scrolls across our sites
Smart Page Ads–Only $27 for 1,000 page views
Site of the Month Listings–$60 for 60 days with unlimited hits
Affiliate Advertising–Prices start at $17 per month with unlimited hits


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Solo ads results

Or lack of results may be more like it !
Hi all
Here are some more solo ad results for you.

UltimateResourceBarn paid run ? $10.50 sent 10,000plus 1 free classified ad thrown in on sale RESULT this place is closed got my money back via pay pal His page still open to take your money.

Ads Market Ezine sign ups 2 $5.50 sent to 960

scoop free solo ad $30.00 sent 30,000 hits total 9 free sign ups 2

to see the solo ad page go Free membership and see for yourself

If you find a really good solo ad company post it here we will be happy to send them some business.
More results to came . I just hope that they are better than these.

Have a great day

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Solo ads update

Hi all
Well its time for a solo ads update

The best one so far Free Solo Ezine Ads
The results for this site I ran the same ad twice results below

Solo ad #1Total Hits 662 Ads Sent 4000 Response 16.55% Sales 22

Solo ad #2 Total Hits 689 Ads Sent 4000 Response 17.23% Sales 8

Now for the rest for my money not worth it

SCOOP Free Software Newsletter Total Hits 9 Ads Sent 30000 Response 0.03%

Vector Central Marketing solo ad, plus classified ad for 1 month on their site

Total Hits 59 Ads Sent 4000 Response 1.48% Total Sales 2

more to come
best of luck with your solo ads

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Profit Yesterday ? Yes you can

What is Profit Yesterday?
In a nutshell, PY is an opportunity for you to make money reselling these amazing accounts and it is also a one stop shop for you to get unlimited access to all the online marketing tools you must have to succeed online.
What you need to realize is it does not matter what someone is selling online or how they are trying to make money, they all need these tools to succeed.
Which would you rather have: 10---20 dollar bills or 1---100 dollar bill? You see, that's our philosophy here and that should be yours as well, because $200 is better than $100 any day of the week and twice on Sunday!
You see, it's better to have a lot of something small than a little of something big.
Okay but why do I need these tools? Every person making over $100,000 per year online is using online marketing tools to run and manage their business, and they use them for a reason. You must build your list responsibly and legally and this is why you need the Autoresponder. You must track your advertising links and ads and this is why you need Ad-Alyzer the ad and link tracker. You must help your downline succeed and this is why you need the URL Rotator from ISORotator. You must have your own capture page that you fully control and this is why you need to have your own capture page .
And you need a real company that offers real support for these tools and resources and I guarantee you won't find better support and training then we offer our clients.
There is nothing to download to use these tools as they all run on our dedicated clustered servers.
If you're like me and you're not a techie that simply means we have plenty of horsepower from our servers to run these sites and when we need more power, we just add another server. This is the same system Google uses to power their network, so you know it will be reliable, fast and your sites will work when you need them.
Why are you so cheap? Well, cheap is definitely not the right word for our products, but it is for our price and here is the answer. We started building our tool sites in 1999 and we have never stopped. We actually started PY in 2005 and re-worked it in 2008 to what you see today.

We priced PY so everyone who wanted to succeed could afford to succeed because at $37 for a lifetime account, you can't afford not to get PY. We want you to make money with our affiliate program which is why we give you the lions share and pay you 60% commissions and you will appreciate the price when you get your account and see how easy it is to make sales

We also run an advertising network throughout our sites and this helps to offset the cost of our services. You'll see ads in your back office, but you WON"T EVER see ads in your Autoresponder messages, Ad Links, URL Rotators or on your own capture page.

because of this ad network, you will have the opportunity to generate ad credits if you want that you can redeem for free advertising in our network. This is another benefit for you.

Yes, we could sell PY for a lot more money but our goal is to help as many people as we can and we priced PY to do that.

So if you want to have your inbox flooded with: "You've made a Commission", you need to get Profit Yesterday--Today!

Review what you get

· 60% Payout Affiliate Program
· Professional Autoresponder
· Ad and Link Tracker
· URL Rotator
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· SEO Enhancement Service
· Capture Page Creator
· Lead Generation System
· Game Site
· Website Hosting Included
· Easy Setup and Use—Be up and running as an affiliate in less than 3 minutes

This is a limited time opportunity as we will be adding more services to these accounts and when we do, the price will increase, but you will get everything we add at no additional cost.
So don't delay, get your Profit Yesterday Lifetime Account Today!

$37.00 ONE TIME

Get Your account TODAY !!!

Profit Yesterday

Thursday, February 28, 2008

When you want the best, You go Executive

If you are working online, then you will want to get Profit Yesterday. No, we are not going to tell you how many thousands of dollars you are going to make or how we will do all the work and you cash checks. We will leave that to the other people

What we will tell you is that Profit Yesterday essentially gives you 100% of the online tools you must have to run your business like a pro.

It is owned and operated by ISORegister, Inc. and we have been online and helping people since 1999.

Take a few minutes and review our service and then get your License now

Profit Yesterday Get Lifetime Access Right Now! for only $37.00 on sale
get it today right here right now !!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do Solo ads really work ??

Hi all
Do Solo ads really work anymore. The answer is few and far between do.

I have run 16 solo ads in the last month and only 3 of them did I get any results worth talking about.
Solo ads used to be a great way to advertise but have lost ground over the last while do to the massive number of people trying to make money sending solo ads out.

Seems like today a ton of folks that have built any link of opt in list is selling solo ads trying to make money .
I have sent some to a "list of 16,000 + " and got 9 visitors to the site. The worst one was to 30,000 list and I got 7 hits on ad tracker.

A few I have sent to 4,000 and got 800 + hits and a good number of sign ups.
Others have said they sent my ad to their lists and I have had no hits on my ad tracker.

So if you decide to use solo ads be forwarned and be careful which ones you use.
After I am done running my test that will run to the end of March I will list the results here , so you can see who I have luck with and the ones I have not.

Below is the solo ad that I am running its a good offer and its free so I should get good results from it as it costs nothing for this program

Subject: Get the Power to Control Your Destiny

We give you the Power to Control Your Destiny!

ISOR has put together a program that is guaranteed save you time and dramatically increase your business success!

We have been developing this business since 1999. Through trial and error, good times and bad, and a lot of hard work we succeeded in creating a system that will benefit you now and well into the future.

All for FREE
* Autoresponder
* Ad and Link Tracker
* Capture Page Creator
* Lead Generation Service
* URL Rotator
* SEO and Site Submission Tools
* Run with Smart Page Technology to better manage your business
*Get 100 Bonus Ad Credits With Your FREE Account!

You can get the entire ISOR System for FREE

Your success begins with a click!

There will never be a better time than now!
Get your account today

As you can see it is a good offer so it should work well
I will let you know when I am done with my solo tests.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When does 6+6=24?

When does 6+6=24?
When you get the new 2TillProfit PLUS account where you pay for 6 months and get 6 months free and for a limited time we are going to give you a second 12 months on top of the original 12 so you will get 24 months of unlimited advertising, marketing tools, training, support and an income generating system that is second to none.

What are the only 2 services everyone working online must have? The answer is Advertising and Online Marketing Tools. With 2TillProfit, you will get unlimited advertising, outstanding online marketing tools and the ability to give away a suite of 9 professional online marketing tools and generate an income from everyone you give the tools to.

This service is amazing, solid and best of all it works for any legal product, program or service you are selling.

We have been upgrading the 2TillProfit service for the past 6 months and now you get the ability to take full advantage of the service that will take you over the top.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am confused ! free tools for you

Hi all
I am confused ! Many of my readers here have joined the free membership site I have been telling you about. Now here is where I am confused most of the readers that have joined have not used any of the free tools such as the
* Ad-free List Managers
* Ad Tracking Service
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* Training and Support
* Advertising
Now if you really want to make money online you need , and use all these tools.
That's why I am confused I have been giving them away memberships that include all these for free.
I even have a list set up that gives you tips and help to get you started using these free tools.You can subscribe to that list Grow Your Profit
I know there is a lot of tools with this membership and I have heard from some folks that's there is just to much for them to understand it all.
If this is the case , just start off slow and work one at a time till you get used to 1 then go on to the next one.
The bottom line is if you really want to make money online you need all these tools to do it.
This is at the right price its FREE what more can I say you can pay hundreds of dollars per year for these tools and you can get them for FREE right now !!!
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Till next time

Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Does Advertising Work

How Does Advertising Work?
Written by Darryl Graham of ISORegister, Inc.
All rights reserved and no part of this document may be reproduced without prior permission by Darryl Graham of ISORegister, Inc
Read the short story below to find out:
Frank Was The Leader
Frank was the leader of the football team. Joe carried the water. Mike carried the equipment. Phil handled the schedule. The team played well because Frank was the leader. Everyone looked up to Frank, because he was the leader. The other members of the staff did their jobs and did them well, but because Frank was such a good leader, everyone else had an easier time with things. The team won the championship because Frank was the leader and made sure everything was in order. Thank you Frank.
After you read the above story and
without looking back, answer the questions below:
1) Who was the leader?
2) Who carried the equipment?
3) Who handled the schedule?
4) Who carried the water?
Most people, who read this, know that Frank was the leader, however less than 1% get more than one of the other answers correct--without looking back. This is not a measure of intelligence, it merely shows that people need to see and hear about something multiple times before they will remember it.

This is why it is so imperative that you constantly and consistently advertise your business and you never stop. There are hundreds of ways to advertise and promote your business and the only limitation is you.

Advertise and market your business and you will see results, do nothing and that is exactly what you’ll get.

Getting your message seen on the Internet is not an easy thing to do because there really are billions of websites (over 3 billion as of 2007) and there are over a billion people currently online. There will be over 2 billion people online by 2015 and over 7 billion websites.

For those of you who start working online now and stick with it, you'll get the lions share of income over the next 8 years. Plus, you have a great opportunity to establish yourself and your website before the next 4 billion sites are built.

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Tools, Resources, Advertising—We have it all

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Thanks to Darryl of Isor for that story
I hope you get the idea that you do need to advertise your business or you will not make it in the long run.
I joined Isor about 2 years ago and have never looked back. Its a great system and you get to join for FREE where I had to pay to join. So what are you waiting for . Join today and get started.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How Long is your commute?

Hi all,

Wouldn't it be nice to have a 10 second commute? Walk across the hallway and poof, you are in your office!

If you start now and stick with your business, one day you can have this kind of commute.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Internet Marketing

Hi all.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Grow Your Profit newsletter

Hi all
I now have a newsletter available called Grow your profit. Lots of tips and ideas, and sign up now and after you sign up you will go to a site you can join for free yes free lifetime membership, with a tons of free programs to help you with your online business. These are the same tools I use everyday online.
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Have a great weekend

Next week I will be telling you about how you can get some free advertising so come back often

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Want more traffic to your site

Of course you do and a way that I get more traffic is to advertise. I have found a great site that does just that. You can get good traffic to your sits, and lets face it the more people that go to your site the more search engines will like your site.
Get all the details more traffic

They have to types of traffic to choose from.
Type A: Mainstream traffic where you can have automatic audio* and up to one pop-up on the site you will direct the traffic to.Traffic

Type B: Targeted Traffic but you CANNOT have any automatic audio or pop-ups or pop-unders of any kind on your page. The target categories of this traffic are a combination of the following types of people

I buy traffic for my main sites every month from them.
I not only get traffic from this I also get sales as well so I make out 2 ways. Traffic to my sites which the search engines like and I make sales as well , a double win win for me.

Its a New Year so get started today get more traffic to your sites today
Advertising for your site

Top 10 Internet Business Resolutions for 2008

Happy New year to one and all

I just got this from Joel Comm and is a great New Years Resolutions.

Thanks to Joel for this

Here is a list of Top 10 Internet Business Resolutions for 2008. Feel free to repost these on your blog, forward them to friends,and repost them on forums. Just be sure to give proper credit, ok?:-)
I have personalized the list to first person, so repeat after me...
1) I will clearly define what I want my Internet business to looklike in one year and set specific attainable goals to make ithappen. (You can't get where you are going without a roadmap, sochart it out)

2) I will follow those who have succeeded, emulate their successesand learn from their mistakes. (We all need mentors. Be sure youare following people who have honestly and ethically found success)

3) I will stay focused and not get distracted by all the "brightshiny objects" (Just because an ebook, course or software productis great, doesn't mean it is going to help in your specificbusiness. Be discerning!)

4) I will use the product I have purchased before buying anythingelse. (Do you have unread ebooks? Read 'em! Unused software? Use it! Unwatched DVDs? Put them in the DVD player!)

5) I will prioritize networking relationships with others in myindustry, as it is people and not websites that make my businesssuccessful. (This is the secret to my success...)

6) I will make every effort to attend at least one Internetmarketing live event in 2008. (And this is where I discovered thesecret to my success!)

7) I will wisely invest time and money in my business. (If youaren't willing to make sacrifice, you probably aren't going toachieve your goals)

8) I will THINK BIG! (The opportunity is seemingly endless. Don'tbe satisfied with small successes... go for it!)

9) I will not give up! (Nothing happens without action. Never stoptaking action.)

10) I will pay it forward. (It is more blessed to give than toreceive, and I've found that when you help others it always comesback to you with good stuff)

I hope you find these useful as you enter 2008!