Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did you know there is more f*ree traffic for you?

There is no cost - your link to your ISell Classified will be
carried in multiple daily newsletters. ONLY ISell Classifieds
that CONFIRM their website into the global network of ISell
Classifieds will be included.

If you already have an Isell Classifieds log into the admin
area online, update your setting ; then click the Confirm
Site button.

If you have not installed an Isell Classifieds yet, do it
soon ...

New Usage Guides to Help you get the most out of your Isell
Classifieds are now up at the main ISell Classifieds Website:

Go to: Free classified software

Click on "Isell Usage Guides".

The Isell classifieds software is designed to create leads,
traffic [and return traffic] and sales... automatically, while
you sleep... 24/7/365 in a completely automated fashion...

Want more from your f*ree classifieds service?

Upgrade your free Version to Silver , Gold or Platinum.

These low cost upgrades increase the power of your marketing
to leads, automate more tasks, and increase the sales/leads
from your classifieds and much more...

For real punch, get the new Paid module - available to
all Isell Classifieds owners, including f*ree versions.

This powerful upgrade allows you to run a paid classifieds
service 24/7 - completely hands free!

Plus for a limited time only, get $400 in free bonuses to
help make your website and classifieds a success!

Check them out - they have a 30 day unconditional
money back guarantee AND f*ree install/upgrade by
our techs:


If you are running a free classifieds, there is
NO interruption in your current classifieds service -
we even offer free install, to make sure
everything goes smoothly with NO DOWNTIME!


Got the free version and need it
installed by our techs free?

Send us an email with your
domain name, username and password
and ask for f*ree INSTALL of ISell Classifieds.

Need low cost hosting with f*ree install, and 24/7/365
tech support for your ISell Classifieds?
Get it today

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