Sunday, February 06, 2005

trading Links the right way

When you get an e-mail from a webmaster wanting to trade links, and you loot at there site and add the link to your link list always e-mail the person back and tell them you are adding there link.
A great number of those webmaster including myself raise sites to link partner if they know you have traded links. Zeus audit fuction for example just checks that there is a link and does not make upgrade your listing to link partner which in the case of Zeus brings your link to near the top of the page.
You will find that you will get more visitors from many of theses sites you trade links with if you let them know you have added there link.
Many times if you do not let the person know that you have linked back to them and where you have done so, they will remove your link after awhile thinking you are not interested in trading links.
To see an example of what I mean have a look at my Dating personals link page you will notice that my link partners are near the top while the others are much farther down the page.
Well thats about it for tonight going to watch the rest of the Super bowl and then off to 7-11 for a Pepsi. Then back to working with Zeus to do some more linking. Happy linking all.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Google backlinks and PR numbers

Well I am pleased today when I found that Google now says I have another 30 backlinks. Just wish they could find the other hundreds of links out there that point to my site.They now say I have 60 backlinks to my site the real number is 345, which is not that many yet but I am working on it.
As for Google PR numbers they have to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. They used to make some sense but as of last summer they make no sense. I have been looking at thousands of sites in the last 4 months and the google rating on these sites makes no sense.
I have seen PR 6 sites with no content and 1 link to another site and other sites with tons of on topic content with a PR 2 and PR 3 rating.
I do Google searches and then check the PR rating for the sites and find some of the sites that show up high on a search have a very low PR rating and sites that have a high rating showing up very deep on the list. This seems to make no sense to at all.
This is one of the main reasons I have started pushing myself to make my link directory. If you have hundreds if not thousands of link partners of similar websites you will get more visitors to your site.Getting more steady traffic to your site not relying on search engines that keep changing the way they do things. That is not to say that search engines are a bad thing getting hits from both are great but linking will get you more steady visitor traffic to your site day in and day out.
Check out my link directory here. The site I have been pushing is here you will notice I list my link directory 2 times on my home page The fairy tale that every visitor will buy from you is just that. Visitors are going to look at your site but at some point they are going to leave. I want them to go to sites that have linked to me. We hope they have spent some money on my site before they leave.
When trading links watch out for sites that make it hard to find there link pages as these are the type of sites that you will get little to no traffic from. These types of sites are fine to trade links with if you want to improve your back links with the search engine but do not count on sales from these sites.
You want to trade links with sites that are not afraid of showing there link page link where there visitors can see it. Well that's it for now. Time to refill the 7-11 Pepsi cup
check out Zeus the best link directory program I have found

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Found another new program

Well I have been trying out this new affiliate program for awhile now and I can say you can make money with it.Its name is Chat Dollars another name for this program is talk 1to1 . Check out all the deatails its a great way to ad a few more dollars of income from your website. Earn 15 cents for every Free Trial User you refer AND up to 18% commission on membership purchases. You even get commissions on their reorders!
This has been a good addition to my website men get there first 60 minutes free to try it out. Women are free but you still get get 15 cents when folks try the system for free.
I have also added a few new Business articles to my Business pages here I try to ad a new article per week so keep checking back for more.
The latest article is 10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines you can find other articles there as well.
Thats about all thats new today although I did add another 25 links to my link Directory here
Well time to fill the Pepsi cup for the nights work ahead. Have a great evening all.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another month gone bye bye

Well another month has gone by and I am happy to report more visitors than ever before. I have to say that I am very pleased the way my link directory program Zeus is working. Zeus is the only promotion I have been using on my site since last July and I have to say I have more than doubled the number of visitors since I started.
I have also seen a 150 percent increase in downline members on most of my affiliate programs as well.

As for sales I have just had the best January I have ever had online. It is slow growing but since starting this link directory (you can see it here )every month has been a little better than the month before.

I have set an 18 month goal for this directory to work well enough for me to be able to make a full time living online time will tell if I will meet this goal but so far so good can see the website that I am promotions with the link director here Romantic at Heart Personals

When I got online 10 years ago 1994 yes I have been online that long all you really had to do was build a website and people would come. Boy times have changed. You can see my first website here The Passion PitI still make money with this site but not as much as I used to.

Well that's it for now my Pepsi cup is running out so off to 7-11 for a refill. Happy promoting have a great night