Saturday, September 03, 2011

Making Money Online

Making Money Online

The questions everyone working online wants to know are:

1) How do I make money online?

2) How quickly can I make money online?

3) How much will it cost me to start making money online?

4) Who is making money online?

5) Where do I start?

How do I make money online? The same way you make money offline--you work for it. This is not what people want to hear as there are so many sites on the Internet telling you that you can make easy money with no work and no investment. If that was true, nobody would be working online because everyone would be retired.

I have been working online since 1995 and I have seen so much junk on the Internet and so many scam sites, it is ridiculous, but what is worse are the number of people who fall for those scams--the lure of easy money is so powerful that people do not use common sense when they start trying to work online.

I recently read one ad that said you can retire in 10 weeks by turning $25 into $50,000. They must be selling magic because the only way to turn $25 into $50,000 is to get 2,000 other people to buy in with you and this assumes you get the entire $25 payment fee.

So first to make money online, stop believing the hype and junk on the Internet. Get serious and start building your prospect list and you can do that with 12SecondCommute

How Quickly Can I Make Money? This all depends on you and what you are doing. Do you have a legal program you are involved with? Are you willing to commit 5 hours a week to your business? Are you selling one of those get rich quick scams? Do you have a prospect list?

Hey, there is that prospect list again--yes if you have your own prospect list, you can make money fairly quickly, but if you don't, then you will most likely never make a profit and if you do it is going to take years--not weeks or days.

I had a lady send a support ticket last week and told me she needed to make fast money. I told her what I would tell anyone and that is to drive down the highway and throw dollar bills out the window because that is the only way to make fast money.

Now, I was not trying to be mean, but this is the honest truth and while everyone else is out there telling you how simple or how quick you can make money, I am going to tell you the truth. Some will listen and others won't, but the ones who won't will not be working online very long and they are going to lose a lot of money.

The time to start working online is not when you are down to your last dollar. The time to start working online is when you have a few extra dollars to invest in your business and you use that money to start building your prospect list.

If you need fast money, get off the Internet because all you are going to do is lose money by falling for the scams of fast money.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Start Making Money? This also depends on you and what you are doing and whether or not you have your own prospect list. Yes, there is that prospect list thing again.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get profitable and you won't waste money on advertising if you are tracking your ads, and focusing your advertising on building your prospect list.

For example here is what most people do when they come online to make money.

1) They find something they want to sell, and they sign up for it. Most people get involved with multiple programs at the same time.

2) Then they go out and advertise whatever it is they are selling using the company supplied capture pages and Autoresponder messages. This is mistake number one because all they are doing is building the company's list--not their own. They also get no direction or help regarding advertising and because they are involved with a variety of things, they flounder with what to do first.

3) They get frustrated because money does not start flowing immediately like they were told it would and then they move on to something else.

This type of approach is great for the company you are promoting as you are building their prospect list for free and they don't care whether you make money or not because they have new leads to promote to after you leave.

If you want to spend the least amount of money on your Internet business you need to have your system in place first so you can track your ads, build your prospect list and help your downline.

This is the simple truth and if you don't believe it, that is fine too, but how much money have you made or spent doing the get rich quick or jump into every program on the Internet?

Who is Making Money Online? The same people who always do; those with prospect lists. Hey, I am going to keep hammering this point home until people start doing what they need to do. Personally, I have a very large prospect list and there is not a legal program, product or service I could not sell and make money from my promotions.

I don't do this any longer as I have my own company and I feel it is more important that I focus all my attention on my business and helping my clients. I don't think it would be fair for you to have a question and me not be able to answer your question because I am busy with Program X.

However I built my company and started making money only after I lost half a million dollars because I would not do what the experts were all telling me to do and that was to build my own prospect list.

I am in a unique position as I now have the opportunity to help people achieve the results they want and for those who take my advice and focus on their list, they will be the success stories of the future. For those who don't, they are going to continue to lose money and struggle and the vast majority of them will soon be off the Internet for good.

Don't let this happen to you, follow the simple steps in 12SC and stick with it, build your prospect list and you will see positive results.

Let me repeat this again: The people making money online have prospect lists, the people not making money don't have prospect lists.

Where Do I Start? You start right here with 12SC because with 12SC you have the opportunity to start building your own prospect list and never stop.

If you never stop building your prospect list, you will never stop making money.

If you never start building your prospect list, you will never start making money.

This is the essence of succeeding online.

As you build your list, you use that list to introduce others to offers you are involved with today or you find in the future.

Some of your list will buy from you, some will remove themselves from your list and others won't do anything at all and that is okay as you cannot sell or help everyone.

However you continue promoting your capture page URL, building your list and helping others achieve the same success that you are having and good things will continue happening for you.

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