Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Monday, October 20, 2014

You gotta check out Lords of Lothar!

I just found this brand new traffic exchange! It's
the first of it's kind!!! Now, I know what you're
thinking, "Not another TE!" but hear me out. It's
unlike any other TE you've ever seen! It's actually
FUN! Lords of Lothar is the first RPGTE EVER!!! Fight
and kill Monsters! Pick locked treasure chests with
lock picks to find loot. Work together with other
surfers to buff them for fights and resurrect them
when they fall in battle. All while driving views to
your websites and affiliates!

lords of lothar

Why surf at other boring TE's when you can surf at
LOL and actually have fun doing it?! You should have
seen the weapon I found the other day! They even have
different characters to play! Try the Fighter and smash
your enemies into submission! Choose the Rogue and
use stealth and subtly to conquer your foes. Or maybe
you prefer the Cleric to heal and resurrect fallen
warriors and earn the respect and gratitude of all.
Last but defiantly not least choose the Righteous
Paladin, smite the unholy, heal your friends. Make
your enemies fear you and your friends renown you!

So come join me at  LOL and glory and riches
can be yours! If I leave you any that is :)

 The first RPGTE