Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Scams on the net

I cannot see how people fall for these make a million dollars for doing nothing on the net scams. I get more everyday in e-mails so someone must be falling for them or they would have given up by now.
Making money on the internet is hard work nothinbg easy about making a decent living on the net .I put in about 50 to 6hours a week building my on line businesses so they will get to the point that I can make a fulltime living online.
The truth is you can make money online if you work at it. There are many great programs on the net that you can make money from. Just check them out before you sign up and beware of any program you have to pay to sell there products and decent affiliate program you do NOT have to pay to join or to send them money for anything.They should be sending you money for selling there products not you sending them money for the right to sell there stuff.
Romance sites for example do make money some of the programs that I do make money with you can see here
For a few promotion ideas you can check this page out here

If you are thinking of trying to make money on the net check out other sites that are selling the type of products you are thinking of selling.
Well thats it for now I am of to 711 again the pop cup has run dry.

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