Saturday, September 23, 2006

Get your own e-store for Christmas Shopping sales

Christmas Shopping time is almost here. Its time to get your own e-store and make money this Christmas Shopping period.
Online Christmas Shopping grows every year and its time for you to get some of those sales/
Now you can open your own Online Store instantly and receive a free domain name of your choice!
Provides you with an opportunity to operate your very own Internet Shopping Mall pre-stocked with brand names such as Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC, Olympus, Xbox, As Seen on TV and more at wholesale/distributor pricing.
You mark up your own price - You make 75-150% profit, without ever buying products or fulfilling orders.

Your Online Store Package Includes:Fully Stocked Shopping Mall with a FREE domain name and hosting
Over 3,500 Great Items, select all or choose your theme
Free drop-shipping account!
Ebay Helper: create eBay listing with a click of a button
Daily Product Updates
Price Mark Up Tool
Real Time Store Traffic/Earnings Statistics
Free Banners!
AdSense Space
Your Own Affiliate Program
Community Resources Area
Banner/Button Space (to sell or to trade)
Store Management Account
Tools to build pages and more
Tools to upload images and logos
your own 24/7 Internet business without investing in any inventory, costly web site design and development, customer support, order fulfillment and other aspects necessary to start online business
Get your own complete online store package on SALE now for just $49.99 a year plus one time set up fee of $20.00. No monthly charges, no hidden charges. GUARANTEED!

Products and Prices
Currently you will find thousands of great products inside your store, ranging from Brand Name Electronics, AS Seen on TV, Household, Unique Gifts, Toys and much more.
"As Seen on TV" products have had millions, even tens of millions of dollars spent advertising them. This makes selling them much, much easier. More products are added on weekly basis. To see Live Store Click Here ( NOTE this is my store)

Set your own price -- You are in full control!
All products are available to you on wholesale basis. As a storeowner, you are in full control of product's price. You will decide on how much you want to earn from each and every sale. For your convenience, we have Product Mark Up tool where with a click of a button you can easily mark up prices on all or selected items.

Your very own product line
Besides being able to set your own prices you will be able to arrange your store anyway you like. You can choose to sell all of the items available or a specific product line. In addition, you can rearrange all of the products in the category, placing better selling items on the top of the list and others on the bottom. Lets say you only want to carry Consumer Electronics Items in your store, our wide selection of products and our technology makes it all possible!

FREE Drop-Shipping Account
All orders placed at your store will be shipped directly to your customer with your Company Name (Store Url) on the shipping label. This way you will get all of the return business. We do not include invoices with the shipment as not to disclose the actual wholesale price.

No drop-shipping fees, Guaranteed!

Ebay Assistant - easy to use Ebay listing generator
Create your auction listing ad inside your account with a click of a button. This tool will save you lots of time in designing your Ebay ads. Just copy generated ad to your Ebay listing and you are ready to go.

Store Administration Area
Complete access to Real-Time Order Statistics and Store Management. You will be able to see everything that is going on in your store including: orders, earnings, affiliate sign ups, selection of products and promotional tools.

Management options include:
Product(s) settings, Affiliates settings, Banner/Button Management and Store Configuration .
'Store Administration Area' includes marketing tips, updates and much more.

Affiliate Program -- your store is equipped with one of the best Affiliate programs available on the Net today.
Affiliate Program is simple and efficient way to help your store sales grow. It is a great way to have thousands of people promoting your business!
By having your own Affiliate Program you significantly increase your Store presence online, which eventually will result in income increase. Since you are a storeowner, you will be able to choose how much your affiliates earn.

Sell Online Stores
Your Store will be equipped with this powerful feature that will enable you to sell fully operational internet superstores, turnkey business, and make $17 on every store subscription.
In addition, you will make $8.00 in commissions from a store subscription by any of your subscribers.

We handle absolutely everything for you! A complete list of services includes hosting, developing and maintaining software, merchandising, warehousing, shipping, returns and customer service.

We will help you with your store promotion by providing you with helpful advertisement information, banners and buttons to advertise your store, tips and suggestions on how to successfully promote your store.

Get started Today HERE
Be up and running today so you will not miss the Holiday Shopping periods coming

Thanks Giving
and New Years
Get started Today HERE

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