Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to make more sales

In order to make sales online, you need a powerful incentive to get people to take action.

Just like you, people are being bombarded by offers to buy or join or get something every day.

With a UL account, you will have the most powerful incentive service on the Internet and if you get it now, you can have it for life.
With UL, YOU will be an owner—and YOU will benefit in many ways.

First: As a lifetime owner you will benefit financially because from now through October 31, 2010, you will be able to sell owner accounts and earn 50% commissions on the one time payments. You’ll start making money immediately!

Second: As a lifetime owner you’ll be able to make 50% recurring commissions on everyone who upgrades to owner status after the site launches in November 2010 because at that time, the cost for ownership will be $19/month. And remember at that time, you will have bunches of fresh prospects that will be sold for you by simply giving people access to the UL vault of download products.

Third: As a lifetime owner you and all the owners of UL will be able to populate the site with download products, e-books, software, scripts, articles, information, etc. so instead of only one person populating the site, there will be thousands. Everyone has something they can contribute to the download vault because everyone has e-books or scripts or articles or information just wasting away on their hard drive and now as an owner of UL, you will be able to put everything to use.

However, even if you don’t have something to contribute, there will still be thousands who will add to the vault and this is going to make UL the largest and most powerful incentive service on the Internet.

Check out the URL below and review the information page and see what I mean.

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