Sunday, July 02, 2006

Build a ??? member opt-in list in only 30 days.

It has always been said that the money is in the list.
Andlike in real estate, where the 3 most important things are"Location, Location, Location."
In marketing it's:
The ListThe ListThe List
It has been said that you can make $1 each and everymonth for every member you have to your opt-in list.
So if you have 1000 member, you can make $1000 per month with all different affiliate programs.
If you have you have 15,000 members you can make up to$15,000 per month. What if you had 100,000 members.
Well there is a new site that helps you get hindreds of members to your opt-in list in under 30 days. The reviews have been outstanding and it seems that finally every marketer both big and small have joined this fr.e.e service.You get find out more about it here
Now you can finally have a huge opt-in list for yourself.
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