Saturday, July 15, 2006

Paid advertising does it work ? Update

Hi all
An update on my pay per click advertising I am doing on Exact seek.
Total Clicks 36
This Week 4
The cost is $12.00 for 3 months meaning so far it has cost me about .33 cents per click which is not bad for the summer months. I am paid up till 2006-08-07 so it should bring the cost down even more.

I just signed up my shopping Mall for a year of pay per click for the price of $ 36.00 so we shall see how this goes so far I have had 1 click so we are off to the races. (GRIN)
With fall just around the corner its time to start to think about your business for fall.
I have just added a few new Business articles on my business page here
I would like thank all who have been writing to me.
Well thats it for today hopw you all have agreat weekend

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